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baṣ·ṣā·ḇā — 4 Occurrences

Numbers 31:36
HEB: חֵ֕לֶק הַיֹּצְאִ֖ים בַּצָּבָ֑א מִסְפַּ֣ר הַצֹּ֗אן
NAS: of those who went out to war, was [as follows]: the number
KJV: of them that went out to war, was in number
INT: the portion out to war number sheep

Deuteronomy 24:5
HEB: לֹ֤א יֵצֵא֙ בַּצָּבָ֔א וְלֹא־ יַעֲבֹ֥ר
NAS: he shall not go out with the army nor
KJV: he shall not go out to war, neither shall he be charged
INT: nor go the army nor be charged

1 Chronicles 7:40
HEB: הַנְּשִׂיאִ֑ים וְהִתְיַחְשָׂ֤ם בַּצָּבָא֙ בַּמִּלְחָמָ֔ה מִסְפָּרָ֣ם
NAS: of them enrolled by genealogy for service in war
KJV: throughout the genealogy of them that were apt to the war [and] to battle
INT: of the princes the genealogy to the war battle and the number

1 Chronicles 12:22
HEB: וַיִּהְי֥וּ שָׂרִ֖ים בַּצָּבָֽא׃
INT: become captain appointed time

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