759. aróma
Strong's Concordance
aróma: a spice
Original Word: ἄρωμα, ατος, τό
Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Transliteration: aróma
Phonetic Spelling: (ar'-o-mah)
Definition: a spice
Usage: spice, perfume.
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain origin
a spice
NASB Translation
spices (4).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 759: ἄρωμα

ἄρωμα, ἀρώματος, τό (from ἈΡΩ to prepare, whence ἀρτύω to season; (others connect it with the root ar (ἀρόω), to plow (cf. Genesis 27:27); others besides)), spice, perfume: Mark 16:1; Luke 23:56; Luke 24:1; John 19:40. (2 Kings 20:13; Esther 2:12; Song of Solomon 4:10, 16. (Hippocrates), Xenophon, Theophrastus, and subsequent writings.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
sweet spice.

From airo (in the sense of sending off scent); an aromatic -- (sweet) spice.

see GREEK airo

Forms and Transliterations
αρώμασι αρωματα αρώματα αρώματά ἀρώματα αρώματος αρωματων αρωμάτων ἀρωμάτων aromata arōmata arṓmata aromaton aromáton arōmatōn arōmátōn
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Englishman's Concordance
Mark 16:1 N-ANP
GRK: Σαλώμη ἠγόρασαν ἀρώματα ἵνα ἐλθοῦσαι
NAS: bought spices, so
KJV: had bought sweet spices, that
INT: Salome bought spices that having come

Luke 23:56 N-ANP
GRK: δὲ ἡτοίμασαν ἀρώματα καὶ μύρα
NAS: and prepared spices and perfumes.
KJV: and prepared spices and ointments;
INT: moreover they prepared spices and ointments

Luke 24:1 N-ANP
GRK: ἃ ἡτοίμασαν ἀρώματα
NAS: bringing the spices which
KJV: bringing the spices which
INT: that which they had prepared spices

John 19:40 N-GNP
GRK: μετὰ τῶν ἀρωμάτων καθὼς ἔθος
NAS: it in linen wrappings with the spices, as is the burial
KJV: with the spices, as
INT: with the spices as a custom

Strong's Greek 759
4 Occurrences

ἀρώματα — 3 Occ.
ἀρωμάτων — 1 Occ.

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