One God
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4102. pistis -- faith, faithfulness
... Demons believe (and shudder) . . . but they do not have (experience) faith!
Js 2:19: "You believe that God is one. You do well; " (). ...
// - 18k

3848. parabates -- one who stands beside
... Accordingly, 3848 ("transgressor") refers to a violator (transgressor) of God's
law. See 3847 (). Word Origin from parabaino Definition one who stands beside ...
// - 7k

3804. pathema -- that which befalls one, ie a suffering, a passion
... includes affliction (suffering), which should always (ideally) in knowing God's --
like going ... Word Origin from pascho Definition that which befalls one, ie a ...
// - 8k

3661. homothumadon -- with one mind
... properly, with the , in "one accord" (having the same desire). 3661 ("of the same
passion") describes people who share "," creating a God-produced unity ...
// - 7k

1515. eirene -- one, peace, quietness, rest.
... 1515 (from , "to into ") -- properly, , ie when all essential parts are joined
together; (God's gift of ). ... one, peace, quietness, rest. ...
// - 7k

4861. sumpsuchos -- of one mind
... sharing the because they are "" -- hence, what God reveals through faith (His inworked ,
4102 ). Word Origin from sun and psuche Definition of one mind NASB ...
// - 7k

4396. prophetes -- a prophet (an interpreter or forth-teller of ...
... and 5346 , "elevating/asserting one idea over another, especially through the
spoken-word") -- properly, one who by the inspiration of God; a . See 4394 (). ...
// - 8k

1938. epithumetes -- one who desires
... passion that builds on (Gk , "upon") what is to the will of God (used only in 1
Cor 10:6). See 1937 (). Word Origin from epithumeo Definition one who desires ...
// - 6k

3356. metriopatheo -- to hold one's emotions in restraint
... instrument for measuring" and 3806 , "feeling") -- properly, to , ie with
("God-controlled ... the same as metrios and pathos Definition to hold one's emotions ...
// - 7k

3340. metanoeo -- to change one's mind or purpose
... to change one's mind or purpose. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: metanoeo
Phonetic ... particularly with reference to acceptance of the will of God), repent. ...
// - 8k

Strong's Hebrew
455. Elyachba -- "God hides," one of David's leaders
... 454b, 455. Elyachba. 456 . "God hides," one of David's leaders. Transliteration:
Elyachba Phonetic Spelling: (el-yakh-baw') Short Definition: Eliahba. ...
/hebrew/455.htm - 6k

456. Elichoreph -- "God of autumn," one of Solomon's scribes
... Elichoreph. 457 . "God of autumn," one of Solomon's scribes. Transliteration:
Elichoreph Phonetic Spelling: (el-ee-kho'-ref) Short Definition: Elihoreph. ...
/hebrew/456.htm - 6k

470. Eliqa -- "God of rejection," one of David's heroes
... 469, 470. Eliqa. 471 . "God of rejection," one of David's heroes. Transliteration:
Eliqa Phonetic Spelling: (el-ee-kaw') Short Definition: Elika. ...
/hebrew/470.htm - 6k

465. Eliphal -- "God has judged," one of David's heroes
... 464, 465. Eliphal. 466 . "God has judged," one of David's heroes. Transliteration:
Eliphal Phonetic Spelling: (el-ee-fawl') Short Definition: Eliphal. ...
/hebrew/465.htm - 6k

498. Eluzay -- "God is my strength," one of David's heroes
... 497, 498. Eluzay. 499 . "God is my strength," one of David's heroes.
Transliteration: Eluzay Phonetic Spelling: (el-oo-zah'ee) Short Definition: Eluzai. ...
/hebrew/498.htm - 6k

6934. Qadmiel -- "God is the ancient one," a Levite name
... 6933, 6934. Qadmiel. 6935 . "God is the ancient one," a Levite name.
Transliteration: Qadmiel Phonetic Spelling: (kad-mee-ale') Short Definition: Kadmiel. ...
/hebrew/6934.htm - 6k

410. el -- God, in pl. gods
... gods (3), helpless* (1), mighty (3), Mighty One (3), power (1), strong
(1). God, goodly, great, idol, mighty one, power, strong. ...
/hebrew/410.htm - 6k

5946. Elyon -- "high," a name of God
... One. Word Origin (Aramaic) corresponding to Elyon Definition "high," a name
of God NASB Word Usage Highest One (4). Most high. (Aramaic ...
/hebrew/5946.htm - 6k

453. Elihu -- "He is (my) God," five Israelites
... Or (fully) deliyhuwh {el-ee-hoo'}; from 'el and huw'; God of him; Elihu, the name
of one of Job's friends, and of three Israelites -- Elihu. see HEBREW 'el. ...
/hebrew/453.htm - 6k

1292. Barakel -- "El does bless," the father of one of Job's ...
... Barachel. From barak and 'el, God has blessed; Barakel, the father of one of Job's
friends -- Barachel. see HEBREW barak. see HEBREW 'el. 1291, 1292. ...
/hebrew/1292.htm - 6k


Of God, and that the one God, and by Whose Providence the World is ...
... Chap. XI."Of God, and that the One God, and by Whose Providence the World
is Governed and Exists. Since it is agreed upon concerning ...
/.../a treatise on the anger of god addressed to donatus/chap xi of god and that.htm

The Designation of the one God in the Prophetic Scriptures ...
... Chapter XVIII."The Designation of the One God in the Prophetic Scriptures Intended
as a Protest Against Heathen Idolatry, It Does Not Preclude the ...
/.../tertullian/against praxeas/chapter xviii the designation of the.htm

The Trinity is One God Not Three Gods
The Trinity is One God Not Three Gods. <. The Trinity is One God Not Three
Gods Boethius. Table of Contents. Title Page. NOTE ON THE TEXT. ...
// trinity is one god not three gods/

That the one God was Foretold Even by the Prophets.
... Chap. IV."That the one god was foretold even by the prophets. ... Forsooth, because
they proclaim one God, they were either madmen or deceivers. ...
/.../lactantius/the divine institutes/chap iv that the one god.htm

That the one God is to be Worshipped not Only for the Sake of ...
... Book X. Chapter 14."That the One God is to Be Worshipped Not Only for the Sake of
Eternal Blessings, But Also in Connection with Temporal Prosperity, Because ...
// of god/chapter 14 that the one god.htm

There is Only one God...
... Article I There Is Only One God� There Is Only One God We all believe
with the heart and confess with the mouth that there is ...
/.../various/the belgic confession /article i there is only.htm

That There is but one God, and that There Cannot be More.
... Chap. II."That There is But One God, and that There Cannot Be More. Another
question follows: Whether there be one God or more? ...
/.../lactantius/the divine institutes/chap ii that there is but.htm

Treatise on the one God (Qq -26)The Existence of God (Three ...
the chief aim of sacred doctrine is to teach the knowledge ...
// theologica/treatise on the one god.htm

We Believe Therefore in one God, that Is, in one First Cause...
... A Sectional Confession of Faith. Section XVII. We believe therefore in
one God, that is, in one First Cause� We believe therefore ...
/.../section xvii we believe therefore.htm

LM *Browne. The one God.
... IX. MISCELLANEOUS. 471. LM *Browne. The One God. 1 Eternal God! Almighty
Cause Of earth, and seas, and worlds unknown! All things ...
/.../various/book of hymns for public and private devotion/471 l m browne the.htm

Topical Bible Verses
James 2:19
You believe that there is one God; you do well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

1 Corinthians 8:6
But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.

Ephesians 4:6
One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

1 Timothy 2:5
For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

Isaiah 44:6
Thus said the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.





One God

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