Proverbs 11
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Dishonest Scales
(Deuteronomy 25:13–16; Ezekiel 45:10–12)

1A false balaunce is an abhominacion vnto the LORDE, but a true weight pleaseth him.

2Where pryde is, there is shame also and confucion: but where as is lowlynes, there is wysdome.

3The innocent dealynge of the iust shal lede them, but the vnfaithfulnesse of the despysers shalbe their owne destruccion.

4Riches helpe not in the daye of vengeaunce, but rightuousnesse delyuereth fro death.

5The rightuousnes of ye innocent ordreth his waye, but the vngodly shal fall in his owne wickednesse.

6The rightuousnesse of the iust shal delyuer them, but the despysers shalbe taken in their owne vngodlynesse.

7When an vngodly man dyeth, his hope is gone, the confydence of riches shal perish.

8The rightuous shalbe delyuered out of trouble, & the vngodly shal come in his steade.

9Thorow ye mouth of ye dyssembler is his neghboure destroyed, but thorow knowlege shal the iust be delyuered.

10When it goeth well with the rightuous, the cite is mery: and when the vngodly perish, there is gladnesse.

11When the iust are in wealth, the cite prospereth: but whan the vngodly haue the rule, it decayeth.

12A foole bryngeth vp a slaunder of his neghboure, but a wyse man wil kepe it secrete.

13A dyssemblynge person wil discouer preuy thinges, but he that is of a faithfull hert, will kepe councel.

14Where no good councel is there the people decaye: but where as are many that can geue councell, there is wealth.

15He that is suertye for a straunger, hurteth himself: but he that medleth not with suerteshippe, is sure.

16A gracious woma manteyneth honestie, as for the mightie, they manteyne ryches.

17He yt hath a gentle liberall stomacke, is mercifull: but who so hurteth his neghbor, is a tyraut.

18The laboure of the vngodly prospereth not, but he that soweth rightuosnes, shal receaue a sure rewarde.

19Like as rightuousnes bryngeth life, eue so to cleue vnto euell, bryngeth death.

20The LORDE abhorreth a fayned hert, but he hath pleasure in them that are vndefyled.

21It shal not helpe ye wicked, though they laye all their hondes together, but the sede of the rightuous shalbe preserued.

22A fayre woman without discrete maners, is like a rynge of golde in a swynes snoute.

23The iust laboure for peace and traquylite, but the vngodly for disquyetnesse.

24Some man geueth out his goodes, and is the richer, but ye nygarde (hauynge ynough) wil departe from nothinge, and yet is euer in pouerte.

25He that is lyberall in geuynge, shal haue plenty: and he that watereth, shalbe watered also himself.

26Who so hoordeth vp his corne, shalbe cursed amonge the people: but blessynge shal light vpon his heade that selleth it.

27He that laboureth for honesty fyndeth his desyre: but who so seketh after myschefe, it shal happe vnto him.

28He that trusteth in his riches, shal haue a fall, but ye rightuous shal florish as the grene leaf.

29Who so maketh disquyetnesse in his owne house, he shal haue wynde for his heretage, and the foole shal be seruaunt to the wyse.

30The frute of the rightuous is as the tre of life, a wyse man also wynneth mens soules.

31Yf ye rightuous be recopesed vpo earth how moch more the the vngodly & ye synner?

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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