Numbers 12
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The Complaint of Miriam and Aaron

1And Miriam & Aaron spake agaynst Moses because of his wife the Morian which he had taken, because he had take a Morian to wife, 2and they sayde: Doth the LORDE speake onely thorow Moses? Speaketh he not also by vs? And the LORDE herde it. 3But Moses was a very meke man, aboue all men vpon earth. 4And haistely spake the LORDE vnto Moses, and to Aaron, and to Miriam: Go out ye thre vnto ye Tabernacle of wytnesse. And they wente out all thre. 5Then came the LORDE downe in the cloudy piler, & stode in the dore of the Tabernacle, & called Aaron & Miriam, & they both wete out.

6And he sayde: Heare my wordes: Yf eny man be a prophet of the LORDE, vnto him wil I shewe my self in a vision, or wil speake vnto him in a dreame.

7But not so wt my seruaunt Moses, which is faithfull in all my house.

8Mouth to mouth speake I vnto him, & he seyth the LORDE in his fashion, not thorow darke wordes or licknesses: Wherfore were ye not afrayed then to speake agaynst my seruaunt Moses?

9And ye wrath of the LORDE waxed whote ouer them, & he turned him awaye, 10and ye cloude also departed from the Tabernacle. And beholde, then was Miriam become leporus, as it were snowe. And Aaron turned him vnto Miriam, and sawe that she was leporous, 11and sayde vnto Moses: Oh my lorde, put not the synne vpon vs, which we haue foolishly committed and synned, 12that she be not as one that commeth deed out of his mothers wombe: It hath eaten vp half hir flesh allready. 13But Moses cried vnto the LORDE, & sayde: Oh God, heale her. 14The LORDE sayde vnto Moses: Yf hir father had spytte in hir face, shulde she not be ashamed seuen dayes? Let her be shut out of ye hoost seue dayes, after yt let her be receaued agayne. 15So Miriam was shut out of the hoost seue dayes, & the people wente no farther, tyll Miriam was receaued againe.

16Afterwarde departed the people from Hazeroth, and pitched in ye wildernesse of Paran.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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