Jonah 4
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Jonah’s Anger at the LORD’s Compassion

1Wherfore Ionas was sore discontet, and angrie. 2And he prayed vnto the LORDE, and sayde: O LORDE, was not this my sayenge (I praye the) when I was yet in my countre? therfore I haisted rather to fle vnto Tharsis, for I knowe well ynough that thou art a mercifull God, full of compassion, loge sufferinge, and of greate kyndnesse, and repentest when thou shuldest take punyshment. 3And now o LORDE, take my life fro me (I beseke the) for I had rather dye then lyue. 4Then sayde the LORDE: art thou so angrie?

5And Ionas gat him out of the cite, and sat downe on ye east syde therof: and there made him a bothe, and sat vnder it in the shadow, till he might se, what shulde chaunce vnto the cite. 6And the LORDE God prepared a wylde vyne, which sprange vp ouer Ionas, that he might haue shadowe aboue his heade, to delyuer him out of his payne. And Ionas was exceadinge glad of the wylde vyne. 7But vpo the nexte morow agaynst the springe of the daye, the LORDE ordened a worme, which smote the wylde vyne, so that it wethered awaye. 8And when the Sone was vp God prepared a feruent east wynde: and the Sonne bete ouer the heade of Ionas, that he faynted agayne, and wysshed vnto his soule, that he might dye, and sayde: It is better for me to dye, the to lyue.

9And God sayd vnto Ionas: Art thou so angrie for the wylde vyne? And he sayde: yee very angrie am I euen vnto the deeth. 10And the LORDE sayde: thou hast compassion vpon a wylde vyne, whero thou bestowdest no laboure, ner maydest it growe: which sprange vp in one night and perished in another: 11And shulde not I then haue compassion vpon Niniue that greate cite, wherin there are aboue an C. and xx. thousande personnes, yt knowe not their right hode fro the lefte, besydes moch catell?

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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