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Mordecai Is Honored

1The same night coulde not the kynge slepe, and he commaunded to brynge ye Chronicles and storyes: which wha they were red before ye kinge, 2they happened on the place where it was wrytte, how Mardocheus had tolde, that the kynges two chaberlaynes (which kepte ye tresholdes) sought to laie hondes on kinge Ahasuerus. 3And the kynge saide: What worshippe and good haue we done to Mardocheus therfore? Then sayde the kynges seruauntes that mynistred vnto him. There is nothinge done for him. 4And the kynge sayde: Who is in ye courte? (for Aman was gone in to ye courte without before ye kinges house, yt he might speake vnto ye kinge to hange Mardocheus on ye tre, yt he had prepared for him.) 5And the kinges seruauntes saide vnto him: Beholde, Ama stodeth in the courte. The kynge saide: Let him come in. 6And wha Ama came in, ye kinge saide vnto him: What shal be done vnto ye ma, whom the kynge wolde fayne brynge vnto worshippe? But Hama thought in his hert: Whom shulde the kynge els be glad to brynge vnto worshippe, but me? 7And Aman sayde vnto the kynge: Let the man vnto whom the kynge wolde be glad to do worshippe, be broughte hither, 8that he maye be araied with the royall garmentes which the kynge vseth to weere: and the horse that the kynge rydeth vpon, and that the crowne royall maye be set vpon his heade. 9And let this rayment and horse be delyuered vnder the hande of one of the kynges prynces, that he maye araye the man withall (whom the kynge wolde fayne honoure) and cary him vpon the horse thorow the strete of the cite, and cause it to be proclamed before him: Thus shal it be done to euery man, whom the kynge wolde fayne honoure.

10The kynge sayde: Make haist, and take (as thou hast sayde) the raymet and the horse, and do euen so with Mardocheus ye Iewe that sitteth before the kynges gate, and let nothinge fayle of all that thou hast spoken. 11Then toke Aman the rayment and the horse, and arayed him, and broughte him on horsbacke thorow the strete of the cite, and proclamed before him: Euen thus shall it be done vnto euery man whom the kynge is disposed to honoure.

12And Mardocheus came agayne to the kynges gate, but Aman gat him home in all the haist, mournynge with bare heade, 13and tolde Seres his wyfe and all his frendes, euery thynge that had happened him. Then sayde his wise men and Seres his wyfe vnto him: Yf it be Mardocheus of the sede of the Iewes, before who thou hast begonne to fall, thou canst do nothynge vnto him, but shalt fall before him.

14Whyle they were yet talkynge with him, came the kynges chamberlaynes, and caused Aman to make haist to come vnto the bancket that Hester had prepared.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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