Mark 6:47
And when even was come, the ship was in the midst of the sea, and he alone on the land.
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6:45-56 The church is often like a ship at sea, tossed with tempests, and not comforted: we may have Christ for us, yet wind and tide against us; but it is a comfort to Christ's disciples in a storm, that their Master is in the heavenly mount, interceding for them. And no difficulties can hinder Christ's appearance for his people, when the set time is come. He silenced their fears, by making himself known to them. Our fears are soon satisfied, if our mistakes are set right, especially our mistakes as to Christ. Let the disciples have their Master with them, and all is well. It is for want of rightly understanding Christ's former works, that we view his present works as if there never were the like before. If Christ's ministers now could cure people's bodily diseases, what multitudes would flock after them! It is sad to think how much more most care about their bodies than about their souls.See this passage explained in the notes at Matthew 14:22-36.47. And when even was come—the later evening (see on [1449]Mr 6:35). It had come even when the disciples embarked (Mt 14:23; Joh 6:16).

the ship was in the midst of the sea, and he alone on the land—John says (Joh 6:17), "It was now dark, and Jesus was not come to them." Perhaps they made no great effort to push across at first, having a lingering hope that their Master would yet join them, and so allowed the darkness to come on. "And the sea arose" (adds the beloved disciple, Joh 6:18), "by reason of a great wind that blew."

Ver. 47-52. See Poole on "Matthew 14:24", and following verses to Matthew 14:33. By the sea here is meant the lake of Gennesaret.

The fourth watch of the night was after four in the morning. The foregoing part of the night our Saviour had spent alone upon the mountain in prayer.

They were sore amazed in themselves, and wondered. For they considered not, &c. Had they diligently considered by what power five loaves and two fishes were multiplied to a quantity to feed five thousand men, besides women and children, they would not have been amazed, either at the sight of Christ safely walking upon the water, or at the wind ceasing when he came into the ship; but these things had not made that due impression upon their hearts which they ought to have done. The time was not yet come when Christ would have his Divine nature fully revealed to them, and till he opened their eyes, and wrought in their hearts a full persuasion of that, it was not in their power so to apprehend it, as to give a full assent to it, and to act accordingly. This is that which is here called hardness or blindness of heart.

And when even was come,.... The second evening, and it was properly night:

the ship was in the midst of the sea; of Galilee, about twenty five or thirty furlongs from the shore; see John 6:19;

and he alone on the land; upon the mountain. This is observed, partly to show what distress the disciples were in, in the midst of the sea, having a hard gale of wind, and their master not with them; and partly to show that there was no way, humanly speaking, of Christ's getting to the ship, in order to go over; and is an illustration of the following miracle, of walking so many furlongs, as he must, upon the water, in a stormy, blustering night, to get to it.

And when even was come, the ship was in the midst of the sea, and he alone on the land.
47. in the midst of the sea] With all their efforts and the toil of the entire night they had not in consequence of contrary winds (John 6:18) accomplished more than five and twenty or thirty furlongs, i. e. scarcely more than half of their way, the Lake being forty or forty-five furlongs in breadth, when one of the sudden storms, to which the Lake is subject, rushed down from the western mountains. See above, Mark 4:37.

Verse 47. - And when even was come. It was now advancing onwards into night; the wind was rising and blowing against them. Then it was that the Lord left his place of prayer on the mountain, that he might succor his disciples in their difficulties. Mark 6:47
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