Mark 14:15
And he will shew you a large upper room furnished and prepared: there make ready for us.
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(15) Furnished and prepared.—The first word implied that it was not a bare, empty chamber, but set out with cushions or divans, on which the guests could recline; the second, that it was specially arranged for the Paschal Supper of that evening.

14:12-21 Nothing could be less the result of human foresight than the events here related. But our Lord knows all things about us before they come to pass. If we admit him, he will dwell in our hearts. The Son of man goes, as it is written of him, as a lamb to the slaughter; but woe to that man by whom he is betrayed! God's permitting the sins of men, and bringing glory to himself out of them, does not oblige them to sin; nor will this be any excuse for their guilt, or lessen their punishment.A large upper room - The word used here denotes the upper room devoted to purposes of prayer, repose, and often of eating. See the notes at Matthew 9:1-8.

Furnished and prepared - Literally, "spread" and "ready." Spread with a carpet, or with "couches" such as were used in eating. See the notes at Matthew 23:6.

Mr 14:12-26. Preparation for, and Last Celebration of, the Passover—Announcement of the Traitor—Institution of the Supper. ( = Mt 26:17-30; Lu 22:7-23, 39; Joh 13:21-30).

See on [1501]Lu 22:7-23; [1502]Lu 22:39; and see on [1503]Joh 13:10, 11; [1504]Joh 13:18, 19; [1505]Joh 13:21-30.

See Poole on "Mark 14:10"

And he will show you a large upper room,.... A room in the highest part of the house, large enough for such a company, for thirteen persons, which was the number of Christ and his disciples:

furnished and prepared; with a table, and a sufficient number of couches to sit, or lie upon, and with all proper vessels necessary on such an occasion:

there make ready for us; the passover.

And he will shew you a large {e} upper room furnished and prepared: there make ready for us.

(e) The Greek word signifies that part of the house that is highest from the ground, and because they used to eat supper in that part of the house they called it a supper room, no matter what they were using it for.

Mark 14:15. ἀνάγαιον (ἀνά, γαῖα = γῆ), a room above the earth, an upper room.—μέγα, large, enough for the company.—ἐστρωμένον, furnished with table-cushions.—ἕτοιμον, perhaps a synonym for ἐστρωμένον = furnished, all ready; possibly pointing to the removal of leaven (C.G.T.).

15. a large upper room furnished] “a greet souping place strewid,” Wyclif. The guest-chamber was on the upper floor, ready, and provided with couches, as the custom of reclining at meals required. We may conclude also from the word prepared that the searching for and putting away of every particle of leaven (1 Corinthians 5:7), so important a preliminary to the Passover, and performed in perfect silence and with a lighted candle, had been already carried out.

Mark 14:15. Ἀνάγαιον μέγα, a large supper-room [upper room]) It is probable, that Jesus had before this kept the passover in the houses of other inhabitants of the city; but this Passover Himself celebrated [marking it] with greater solemnity.—ἐστρωμένον, laid out) with carpets. This householder had been guided by Divine Providence. This circumstance illustrates the omniscience of Jesus, more than if it had been laid out (paved) with precious stones.—ἑτοιμάσατε, make ready). The verb is neuter; Luke 9:52.

Verse 15. - And he will himself show you a large upper room furnished and ready. He himself, that is, the goodman of the house; perhaps John Mark. This upper room was furnished and ready (ἐστρωμένον ἕτοιμον); furnished, that is, with table and couches and tapestry, and in all respects ready for the purpose. Mark 14:15And he (αὐτὸς)

The Greek is more emphatic. "He will himself show you." So Rev. Probably the owner of the house was a disciple.

Furnished (ἐστρωμένον)

Lit., strewed with carpets, and with couches properly spread.

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