Acts 24
Tertullus Prosecutes Paul
Faith on Trial: Paul before Felix

Acts 24 underscores the power of unwavering faith even in the face of false accusations and delayed justice. Paul's resolute defense of his faith and his fearlessness in discussing judgment symbolizes the courage believers can have in proclaiming the gospel. The passage serves as a reminder that even in unjust situations, we are called to bear witness to the truth, leaving the outcomes in God's hands.

Verses 1-9: The Accusation Against Paul

The high priest Ananias and other Jewish leaders, along with a lawyer named Tertullus, present their case against Paul before Felix. They accuse Paul of being a troublemaker and of attempting to desecrate the temple.

Verses 10-21: Paul's Defense before Felix

In his defense, Paul refutes the charges, asserting his innocence. He explains his faith in the God of his fathers and the resurrection of the dead, and he insists on the absence of any witnesses who can substantiate the allegations.

Verses 22-27: Felix's Fear and Procrastination

Felix, already having a basic understanding of the Way, adjourns the proceedings. He retains Paul in custody but allows some freedom and visitors. Felix and his wife Drusilla frequently listen to Paul discuss righteousness, self-control, and the coming judgment, which frightens Felix. However, Felix, hoping for a bribe, leaves Paul in prison.

Acts 24 continues with Paul on trial before the Roman governor, Felix. As false accusations are raised against him, Paul counters them with a steadfast defense of his faith. In an extended stay, Paul speaks about faith in Christ and judgment, causing Felix to fear. Felix, hoping for a bribe, leaves Paul in prison, highlighting the prevalent corruption of the era.

Justice and Injustice
Faith and Proclamation
Fear of Judgment
Corruption and Bribery
The Accusation Against Paul
Paul's Defense before Felix
Felix's Fear and Procrastination
Ananias (High Priest)
Tertullus (Lawyer)
Bible Study Questions

1. How does the role of Tertullus highlight the lengths to which some will go to distort the truth for their own purposes?

2. What can we learn from Paul's handling of false accusations?

3. How does Paul's defense before Felix demonstrate the importance of personal integrity?

4. How do Paul's words about faith in God's promises speak to us today?

5. How can we use Paul's response to Felix as a model when we are wrongly accused or treated unjustly?

6. What does Felix's fear tell us about the convicting power of the gospel message?

7. How does Paul's situation challenge our understanding of justice and divine timing?

8. How does the story of Felix and Drusilla reflect human attempts to evade God's judgment?

9. How does Felix's hope for a bribe reveal the corruption prevalent in the system?

10. How does the encounter between Felix and Paul shed light on the intersection of faith and politics?

11. How might Paul's continuous witness to Felix, despite his imprisonment, inspire us in our evangelism efforts today?

12. How can we apply Paul's resolve and courage in our lives when we face adversity or injustice?

13. In what ways does this chapter challenge us to reevaluate our own responses to the truth of the gospel?

14. How does Felix's reaction to Paul's message of righteousness and judgment reflect the world's reaction to the Christian message?

15. How can we, as modern believers, combat the corruption and injustice in our societies as Paul did?

16. What do Felix's actions teach us about the human tendency to procrastinate on crucial decisions, especially spiritual ones?

17. How can Paul's treatment of Felix's fear help guide us in speaking truth into fear in our culture today?

18. How does Acts 24 challenge our understanding of God's sovereignty in situations of apparent injustice?

19. What lessons can we learn from Paul's steadfast faith and persistence in the face of delayed justice?

20. What does Paul's experience in this chapter teach us about trusting in God's plan and timing in the face of injustice in the present-day context?

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