Matthew 5:14
A Good Example a Rebuke of EvilA. Maclaren, D. D.Matthew 5:14
A Good Life the Great Means of Glorifying GodW. Curling, M. A.Matthew 5:14
Christ Shines into the World Through the Lives of His PeopleW. M. Taylor.Matthew 5:14
Christian ConsistencyW. M. Punshon.Matthew 5:14
Christian Example a Converting AgencyAnecdotesMatthew 5:14
Christian Example an Argument of WeightAnecdotes., W. S. DewstoeMatthew 5:14
Christian Example Leads to the Discovery of Christian SympathyMatthew 5:14
Christian Example Must be Free from InconsistencyMatthew 5:14
Christian Example not TransientMatthew 5:14
Christians Must be Receptive of LightS. Slocombe.Matthew 5:14
Christians the LightW. M. Taylor.Matthew 5:14
Christians the Light of the WorldL H. Evans, M. A.Matthew 5:14
Christians the Light of the WorldF. Goode, M. A., W. W. Wythe., Dr. J. Cussing.Matthew 5:14
Christians the Light of the WorldD. Rees.Matthew 5:14
Glorifying GodH. Hughes, M. A.Matthew 5:14
God Glorified by Our Good WorksH. Hughes, M. A.Matthew 5:14
God, not Self, the End of Christian ExampleW. M. Taylor.Matthew 5:14
Hidden Light DiesD. Fraser, D. D.Matthew 5:14
If You are not Warming the World, the World is Chilling YA. Maclaren, D. D.Matthew 5:14
Keep the Light Bright or You Will Hear of ItThe Preachers' Monthly., James Stewart., Christian AgeMatthew 5:14
Lustrous ChristiansW. W. Wythe.Matthew 5:14
Men More Ready to Shine Socially than MorallyDr. D. Fraser.Matthew 5:14
Missionaries the LightF. Goode, M. A.Matthew 5:14
No Light Apart from ChristA. Maclaren, D. D.Matthew 5:14
Shine by Expressed ConvictionA. Maclaren, D. D.Matthew 5:14
Spiritual ModestyG. Moberley, D. C. L.Matthew 5:14
Th,E Light to Reveal the Work, not the WorkerDr. Parker.Matthew 5:14
The Beauty of Moral QualitiesH. W. Beecher., Sir William Dawes, Bart. , D. D.Matthew 5:14
The CandleC. H. Spurgeon.Matthew 5:14
The Church of Christ the Light of the WorldR. Montgomery, M. A.Matthew 5:14
The Duty of Letting Our Light Shine Before MenE. Cooper.Matthew 5:14
The Importance of Good ExampleS. Partridge, M. A.Matthew 5:14
The Lamp and the BushelA. Maclaren, D. D.Matthew 5:14
The Light of Christian ExampleH. J. Wilmot Buxton., Dr. A. Barnes.Matthew 5:14
The Missionary Power of Christ's DisciplesR. Tuck Matthew 5:14
The Purity of Example the Primary Care of the ChristianA. Maclaren, D. D.Matthew 5:14
Wanted, Much Wanted, Bright ChristiansD. Fraser, D. D., D. Fraser, D. D.Matthew 5:14
Work Entailed by Christ on His PeopleS. Slocombe.Matthew 5:14
Salt and LightW.F. Adeney Matthew 5:13, 14
Christian InfluenceJ.A. Macdonald Matthew 5:13-16
Sermon on the Mount: 2. Influence of Christians: Salt and LightMarcus Dods Matthew 5:13-16
The Influence of Sanctified CharactersR. Tuck Matthew 5:13-16
The Startling SalutationP.C. Barker Matthew 5:13-16
Salt and Light
13"You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men. 14"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; 15nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.…
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