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2636. katalalia -- evil-speaking
... backbiting, evil speaking. From katalalos; defamation -- backbiting, evil
speaking. see GREEK katalalos. (katalaliai) -- 1 Occurrence. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/2636.htm - 6k

1426b. dusphemia -- evil speaking, defamation
... 1426a, 1426b. dusphemia. 1427 . evil speaking, defamation. Transliteration:
dusphemia Short Definition: slander. Word Origin from ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/1426b.htm - 5k

2551. kakologeo -- to speak ill of
... of kakos and logos Definition to speak ill of NASB Word Usage speak evil (1),
speaking evil (1), speaks evil (2). curse, speak evil of. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/2551.htm - 7k

989. blasphemos -- slanderous, evil-speaking
... slanderous, evil-speaking. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: blasphemos
Phonetic Spelling: (blas'-fay-mos) Short Definition: slanderous Definition ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/989.htm - 7k

988. blasphemia -- slander
... blasphemy, evil speaking, railing. From blasphemos; vilification (especially against
God) -- blasphemy, evil speaking, railing. see GREEK blasphemos. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/988.htm - 7k

4487. rhema -- a word, by impl. a matter
... word") is commonly used in the NT (and in ) speaking His , in a ... of narration, command
or dispute); with a negative naught whatever -- + evil, + nothing, saying ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/4487.htm - 8k


The Cure of Evil-Speaking
... For evil-speaking is neither more nor less than speaking evil of an absent person;
relating something evil, which was really done or said by one that is not ...
/.../wesley/sermons on several occasions/sermon 49 the cure of.htm

Commandment Second. On Avoiding Evil-Speaking, and on Giving Alms ...
... The Pastor: Book Second."Commandments. Commandment Second. On Avoiding
Evil-Speaking, and on Giving Alms in Simplicity. He said ...
/.../commandment second on avoiding evil-speaking.htm

Sermons on Evil-Speaking, by Isaac Barrow
Sermons on Evil-Speaking, by Isaac Barrow. <. Sermons on
Evil-Speaking, by Isaac Barrow Isaac Barrow. Edited by Henry ...
//christianbookshelf.org/barrow/sermons on evil-speaking by isaac barrow/

Of Good and Evil Speaking
/.../ugolino/the little flowers of st francis of assisi/chapter xiv of good and.htm

Of Evil-Speaking in General.
Sermons on Evil-Speaking, by Isaac Barrow. <. ... OF EVIL-SPEAKING
IN GENERAL. "To speak evil of no man.""Titus 3:2. These ...
/.../barrow/sermons on evil-speaking by isaac barrow/of evil-speaking in general.htm

Sermons on Evil-Speaking, by Isaac Barrow
Sermons on Evil-Speaking, by Isaac Barrow. <. ... Title Page.
/.../barrow/sermons on evil-speaking by isaac barrow/title page.htm

If, Then, You Really Intend to do an Act of Repentance for those ...
... From Porphyry you gained the art of speaking evil of Christians, to strike at those
who live in virginity and continence, at our deacons and presbyters, and to ...
/.../11 if then you really.htm

The Traditions of the Elders in Collision with Divine Law.
... The Jews then punish their sons [5424] according to the law, as speaking evil of
father or mother, when they say to their father or mother, "It is a gift, that ...
/.../origen/origens commentary on the gospel of matthew/10 the traditions of the.htm

If You Wish Me to Keep Silence, Cease from Accusing Me. Lay Down ...
... of God. Listen, then, to that which Solomon the wise says about you and
all who are addicted to evil speaking and contumely. 43. ...
/.../43 if you wish me.htm

The Original, Nature, Property, and Use of the Law
... The Apostle James esteemed judging or "speaking evil of the law" so enormous a piece
of wickedness, that he knew not how to aggravate the guilt of judging our ...
/.../wesley/sermons on several occasions/sermon 34 the original nature.htm

Nave's Topical Index
Exodus 22:28
You shall not revile the gods, nor curse the ruler of your people.
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Job 19:18
Yes, young children despised me; I arose, and they spoke against me.
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Psalm 10:7,8
His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud: under his tongue is mischief and vanity.
Nave's Topical Index

Psalm 12:3,4
The LORD shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaks proud things:
Nave's Topical Index

Psalm 34:13
Keep your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking guile.
Nave's Topical Index

Psalm 35:21
Yes, they opened their mouth wide against me, and said, Aha, aha, our eye has seen it.
Nave's Topical Index

Psalm 41:5-9
My enemies speak evil of me, When shall he die, and his name perish?
Nave's Topical Index

Psalm 52:2-4
The tongue devises mischiefs; like a sharp razor, working deceitfully.
Nave's Topical Index

Psalm 59:12
For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips let them even be taken in their pride: and for cursing and lying which they speak.
Nave's Topical Index

Psalm 64:2-5
Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity:
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Psalm 69:12,26
They that sit in the gate speak against me; and I was the song of the drunkards.
Nave's Topical Index

Psalm 70:3
Let them be turned back for a reward of their shame that say, Aha, aha.
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Psalm 102:8
My enemies reproach me all the day; and they that are mad against me are sworn against me.
Nave's Topical Index

Psalm 106:33
Because they provoked his spirit, so that he spoke unadvisedly with his lips.
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Psalm 119:23
Princes also did sit and speak against me: but your servant did meditate in your statutes.
Nave's Topical Index

Psalm 120:1-7
In my distress I cried to the LORD, and he heard me.
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Psalm 140:3,11
They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders' poison is under their lips. Selah.
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Proverbs 4:24
Put away from you a fraudulent mouth, and perverse lips put far from you.
Nave's Topical Index

Proverbs 6:16-19
These six things does the LORD hate: yes, seven are an abomination to him:
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Proverbs 8:13
The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogance, and the evil way, and the fraudulent mouth, do I hate.
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Proverbs 10:11,19,31,32
The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life: but violence covers the mouth of the wicked.
Nave's Topical Index

Proverbs 11:11
By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked.
Nave's Topical Index

Proverbs 12:5,6,13,17-19
The thoughts of the righteous are right: but the counsels of the wicked are deceit.
Nave's Topical Index

Proverbs 13:3
He that keeps his mouth keeps his life: but he that opens wide his lips shall have destruction.
Nave's Topical Index

Proverbs 14:25
A true witness delivers souls: but a deceitful witness speaks lies.
Nave's Topical Index

Proverbs 15:1,4,28
A soft answer turns away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.
Nave's Topical Index

Proverbs 16:27,28
An ungodly man digs up evil: and in his lips there is as a burning fire.
Nave's Topical Index

Proverbs 17:4,9,20
A wicked doer gives heed to false lips; and a liar gives ear to a naughty tongue.
Nave's Topical Index

Proverbs 18:8,21,23
The words of a talebearer are as wounds, and they go down into the innermost parts of the belly.
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Proverbs 19:1,22,28
Better is the poor that walks in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool.
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Proverbs 24:2
For their heart studies destruction, and their lips talk of mischief.
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Proverbs 25:23
The north wind drives away rain: so does an angry countenance a backbiting tongue.
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Proverbs 26:20-23,28
Where no wood is, there the fire goes out: so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceases.
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Ecclesiastes 7:22
For oftentimes also your own heart knows that you yourself likewise have cursed others.
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Ecclesiastes 10:11,20
Surely the serpent will bite without enchantment; and a babbler is no better.
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Isaiah 6:5
Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the middle of a people of unclean lips: for my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.
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Isaiah 32:6,7
For the vile person will speak villainy, and his heart will work iniquity, to practice hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.
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Jeremiah 20:10
For I heard the defaming of many, fear on every side. Report, say they, and we will report it. All my familiars watched for my halting, saying, Peradventure he will be enticed, and we shall prevail against him, and we shall take our revenge on him.
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Matthew 5:22,37
But I say to you, That whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whoever shall say, You fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.
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Matthew 12:34-37
O generation of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
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Acts 23:5
Then said Paul, I knew not, brothers, that he was the high priest: for it is written, You shall not speak evil of the ruler of your people.
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Romans 1:29,30
Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
Nave's Topical Index

Romans 3:13,14
Their throat is an open sepulcher; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips:
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1 Corinthians 6:10
Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortionists, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
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Ephesians 4:25,29,31
Why putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor: for we are members one of another.
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Ephesians 5:4
Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.
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Titus 1:10,11
For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision:
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Titus 3:2
To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, showing all meekness to all men.
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James 1:19,26
Why, my beloved brothers, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:
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James 3:5,6,8-10
Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasts great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindles!
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James 4:11
Speak not evil one of another, brothers. He that speaks evil of his brother, and judges his brother, speaks evil of the law, and judges the law: but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law, but a judge.
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1 Peter 2:1
Why laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, all evil speakings,
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1 Peter 3:9,10
Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that you are thereunto called, that you should inherit a blessing.
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2 Peter 2:7,8,10
And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked:
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Jude 1:8-10
Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.
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