2 Corinthians 2
Wycliffe's Bible
1And I ordained this [same] thing at me, that I should not come again in heaviness, (or in sorrow), to you. 2For if I make you sorry, (or heavy), who is he that gladdeth me, but he that is sorrowful of me? (For if I make you sorrowful, who is he who maketh me glad, but he whom I have made sorrowful?) 3And this same thing I wrote to you, (so) that when I come, I have not sorrow on sorrow, of the which it behooved me to have joy. And I trust in you all, that my joy is of all you [that my joy is of you all]. 4For of much tribulation and anguish of heart I wrote to you by many tears, not that ye be sorry, but that ye know what charity I have more plenteously in you. (For I wrote to you out of much trouble and anguish in my heart, and through many tears, not that ye be made sorrowful, but so that ye know of the love which I have most plentifully for you.)

5For if any man hath made me sorrowful, he hath not made me sorrowful but a part [but in part], that I charge not you all (so that I do not be a burden to all of you). 6This blaming that is made of many, sufficeth to him, that is such one [that is such a manner man]; 7so that on the contrary ye rather forgive and comfort, (or strengthen), lest peradventure he that is such a manner man, be swallowed up [be sopped up, or despair,] by more great heaviness. 8For which thing I beseech you, that ye confirm charity into him (that ye confirm your love for him). 9For why therefore I wrote this, that I know your proof, whether in all things ye be obedient. 10For to whom ye have forgiven anything, also I have forgiven. For I, that that I forgave, if I forgave anything, have forgiven for you in the person of Christ (have forgiven him for you in the presence of the Messiah), 11that we be not deceived of Satan (so that we be not deceived by Satan); for we know his thoughts.

12But when I was come to Troas for the gospel of Christ, and a door was opened to me in the Lord, (But when I had come to Troas with the Gospel, or the Good News, of the Messiah, and a door was opened to me by the Lord,) 13I had not rest to my spirit (I had no rest for my spirit), for I found not my brother Titus, but I said to them farewell, and I passed (forth) into Macedonia.

14And I do thankings to God, that (for)evermore maketh us to have victory in Christ Jesus, and showeth by us the odour, (or the savour, or the sweetness), of his knowing in each place; (And I give thanks to God, who always maketh us to have victory in the Messiah Jesus, and showeth by us the aroma, or the fragrance, or the sweetness, of his knowledge in every place;) 15for we be the good odour, (or the good savour), of Christ to God, among these that be made safe, and among these that perish. (for we be the good aroma, or the sweet fragrance, of the Messiah to God, among those who be saved, and among those who perish.) 16To others soothly, (or truly), [we be] (the) odour of death into death, but to the others we be (the) odour of life into life. And to these things who is so able? 17For we be not as [full] many, that do adultery by the word of God [adulterating the word of God], but we speak of cleanness as of God, before God in Christ. (For we do not do like a great many, adulterating the word of God, but we speak with godly sincerity, before God in the Messiah.)


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