Genesis 1

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Genesis 1 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex Transliterated

1 be·re·shit ba·ra e·lo·him; et ha·sha·ma·yim ve·'et ha·'a·retz. 2 ve·ha·'a·retz ha·ye·tah to·hu va·vo·hu, ve·cho·shech al-pe·nei te·ho·vm; ve·ru·ach e·lo·him, me·ra·che·fet al-pe·nei ham·ma·yim. 3 vai·yo·mer e·lo·him ye·hi o·vr; vay·hi-o·vr. 4 vai·yar· e·lo·him et-ha·'o·vr ki-to·vv; vai·yav·del e·lo·him, bein ha·'o·vr u·vein ha·cho·shech. 5 vai·yik·ra e·lo·him la·'o·vr yo·vm, ve·la·cho·shech ka·ra la·ye·lah; vay·hi-e·rev vay·hi-vo·ker yo·vm e·chad. f

6 vai·yo·mer e·lo·him, ye·hi ra·ki·a' be·to·vch ham·ma·yim; vi·hi mav·dil, bein ma·yim la·ma·yim. 7 vai·ya·'as e·lo·him et-ha·ra·ki·a' vai·yav·del bein ham·ma·yim a·sher mit·ta·chat la·ra·ki·a', u·vein ham·ma·yim, a·sher me·'al la·ra·ki·a'; vay·hi-chen. 8 vai·yik·ra e·lo·him la·ra·ki·a' sha·ma·yim; vay·hi-e·rev vay·hi-vo·ker yo·vm she·ni. f

9 vai·yo·mer e·lo·him yik·ka·vu ham·ma·yim mit·ta·chat ha·sha·ma·yim el-ma·ko·vm e·chad, ve·te·ra·'eh hai·yab·ba·shah; vay·hi-chen. 10 vai·yik·ra e·lo·him lai·yab·ba·shah e·retz, u·le·mik·veh ham·ma·yim ka·ra yam·mim; vai·yar· e·lo·him ki-to·vv. 11 vai·yo·mer e·lo·him tad·she ha·'a·retz de·she, e·sev maz·ri·a' ze·ra, etz pe·ri o·seh pe·ri le·mi·nov, a·sher zar·'ov-vov al-ha·'a·retz; vay·hi-chen. 12 vat·to·v·tze ha·'a·retz de·she e·sev maz·ri·a' ze·ra le·mi·ne·hu, ve·'etz o·seh-pe·ri a·sher zar·'ov-vov le·mi·ne·hu; vai·yar· e·lo·him ki-to·vv. 13 vay·hi-e·rev vay·hi-vo·ker yo·vm she·li·shi. f

14 vai·yo·mer e·lo·him ye·hi me·'o·rot bir·ki·a' ha·sha·ma·yim, le·hav·dil bein hai·yo·vm u·vein hal·la·ye·lah; ve·hai·u le·'o·tot u·le·mo·v·'a·dim, u·le·ya·mim ve·sha·nim. 15 ve·hai·u lim·'o·v·rot bir·ki·a' ha·sha·ma·yim, le·ha·'ir al-ha·'a·retz; vay·hi-chen. 16 vai·ya·'as e·lo·him, et-she·nei ham·me·'o·rot hag·ge·do·lim; et-ham·ma·'o·vr hag·ga·dol le·mem·she·let hai·yo·vm, ve·'et-ham·ma·'o·vr hak·ka·ton le·mem·she·let hal·lay·lah, ve·'et hak·ko·v·cha·vim. 17 vai·yit·ten o·tam e·lo·him bir·ki·a' ha·sha·ma·yim; le·ha·'ir al-ha·'a·retz. 18 ve·lim·shol bai·yo·vm u·val·lay·lah, u·la·hav·dil, bein ha·'o·vr u·vein ha·cho·shech; vai·yar· e·lo·him ki-to·vv. 19 vay·hi-e·rev vay·hi-vo·ker yo·vm re·vi·'i. f

20 vai·yo·mer e·lo·him, yish·re·tzu ham·ma·yim, she·retz ne·fesh chai·yah; ve·'o·vf ye·'o·v·fef al-ha·'a·retz, al-pe·nei re·ki·a' ha·sha·ma·yim. 21 vai·yiv·ra e·lo·him, et-hat·tan·ni·nim hag·ge·do·lim; ve·'et kol-ne·fesh ha·chai·yah ha·ro·me·set a·sher sha·re·tzu ham·ma·yim le·mi·ne·hem ve·'et kol-o·vf ka·naf le·mi·ne·hu, vai·yar· e·lo·him ki-to·vv. 22 vay·va·rech o·tam e·lo·him le·mor; pe·ru u·re·vu u·mil·'u et-ham·ma·yim bai·yam·mim, ve·ha·'o·vf yi·rev ba·'a·retz. 23 vay·hi-e·rev vay·hi-vo·ker yo·vm cha·mi·shi. f

24 vai·yo·mer e·lo·him to·v·tze ha·'a·retz ne·fesh chai·yah le·mi·nah, be·he·mah va·re·mes ve·chay·tov-e·retz le·mi·nah; vay·hi-chen. 25 vai·ya·'as e·lo·him et-chai·yat ha·'a·retz le·mi·nah ve·'et-hab·be·he·mah le·mi·nah, ve·'et kol-re·mes ha·'a·da·mah le·mi·ne·hu; vai·yar· e·lo·him ki-to·vv.

26 vai·yo·mer e·lo·him, na·'a·seh a·dam be·tzal·me·nu kid·mu·te·nu; ve·yir·du vid·gat hai·yam u·ve·'o·vf ha·sha·ma·yim u·vab·be·he·mah u·ve·chol-ha·'a·retz, u·ve·chol-ha·re·mes ha·ro·mes al-ha·'a·retz. 27 vai·yiv·ra e·lo·him et-ha·'a·dam be·tzal·mov, be·tze·lem e·lo·him ba·ra o·tov; za·char u·ne·ke·vah ba·ra o·tam. 28 vay·va·rech o·tam e·lo·him vai·yo·mer la·hem e·lo·him pe·ru u·re·vu u·mil·'u et-ha·'a·retz ve·chiv·shu·ha; u·re·du bid·gat hai·yam u·ve·'o·vf ha·sha·ma·yim, u·ve·chol-chai·yah ha·ro·me·set al-ha·'a·retz. 29 vai·yo·mer e·lo·him hin·neh na·tat·ti la·chem et-kol-e·sev zo·re·a' ze·ra a·sher al-pe·nei chol-ha·'a·retz, ve·'et-kol-ha·'etz a·sher-bov fe·ri-etz zo·re·a' za·ra; la·chem yih·yeh le·'a·che·lah. 30 u·le·chol-chai·yat ha·'a·retz u·le·chol-o·vf ha·sha·ma·yim u·le·chol ro·v·mes al-ha·'a·retz a·sher-bov ne·fesh chai·yah, et-kol-ye·rek e·sev le·'a·che·lah; vay·hi-chen. 31 vai·yar· e·lo·him et-kol-a·sher a·sah, ve·hin·neh-to·vv me·'od; vay·hi-e·rev vay·hi-vo·ker yo·vm ha·shi·shi. f

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