Ephesians 2
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Alive with Christ
(Colossians 2:6–23)

1And hath quickened you also that were deed in treaspasse and synne 2in ye which in tyme passed ye walked acordynge to the course of this worlde and after the governer that ruleth in the ayer the sprete yt now worketh in the children of vnbelefe 3amonge which we also had oure conversacion in tyme past in the lustes of oure flesshe and fullfilled the will of the flesshe and of the mynde: and were naturally the children of wrath even as wel as other. 4But God which is rich in mercy thorow his greate love wherwith he loved vs 5even when we were deed by synne hath quickened vs together in Christ (for by grace are ye saved) 6and hath raysed vs vp together and made vs sitte together in hevenly thynges thorow Christ Iesus 7for to shewe in tymes to come the excedynge ryches of his grace in kyndnes to vs warde in Christ Iesu. 8For by grace are ye made safe thorowe fayth and that not of youre selves. For it is the gyfte of God 9and commeth not of workes lest eny man shuld bost him silfe. 10For we are his worckmanshippe created in Christ Iesu vnto good workes vnto the which god ordeyned vs before that we shuld walke in them.

One in Christ
(Philippians 2:1–4)

11Wherfore remeber yt ye beynge in tyme passed getyls in ye flesshe and were called vncircucision to the which are called circucisio in the flesshe which circucision is made by hondes: 12Remeber I saye yt ye were at that tyme wt oute Christ and were reputed aliantes from the comen welth of Israel and were straugers fro the testamentes of promes and had no hope and were with out god in this worlde. 13But now in Christ Iesu ye which a whyle agoo were farre of are made nye by ye bloude of Christ. 14For he is oure peace whych hath made of both one and hath broken doune the wall yt was a stoppe bitwene vs 15and hath also put awaye thorow his flesshe the cause of hatred (that is to saye the lawe of commaundementes contayned in the lawe written) for to make of twayne one newe ma in him silfe so makynge peace: 16and to recocile both vnto god in one body thorow his crosse and slewe hatred therby: 17and came and preached peace to you which were afarre of and to them that were nye. 18For thorow him we both have an open waye in in one sprete vnto the father.

Christ Our Cornerstone
(Isaiah 28:14–22; 1 Corinthians 3:10–15; 1 Peter 2:1–8)

19Now therfore ye are no moare straugers and foreners: but citesyns with the saynctes and of the housholde of god: 20and are bilt apon the foundacion of the apostles and prophetes Iesus Christ beynge the heed corner stone 21in whom every bildynge coupled togedder groweth vnto an holy temple in ye lorde 22in who ye also are bilt togedder and made an habitacio for god in the sprete.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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