Murder: Cries for Vengeance
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Genesis 4:10
And he said, What have you done? the voice of your brother's blood cries to me from the ground.
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The Growth and Power of Sin
... away from God, they will soon murder one another. ... God, but not to plead for vengeance,
but pardon ... through earth and skies, Mercy, free, boundless mercy, cries.'. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture k/the growth and power of.htm

The Voice of the Blood of Christ
... This is the first murder thou hast ever seen; the first blood of man that ever stained ...
thou sayest not one word of vengeance! All that this blood cries is peace ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 4 1858/the voice of the blood.htm

The Sixth Commandment
... Vengeance as a bloodhound pursues the murderer. ... (2) They wilfully murder their own
souls ... The soul cries out in you, I am killing myself; I am murdering myself. ...
/.../watson/the ten commandments/2 6 the sixth commandment.htm

Free Grace
... He has committed high treason, murder, rebellion, and every possible ... but that,
contrariwise, his whole character cries aloud for vengeance against his sin ...
/...// sermons volume 5 1859/free grace.htm

Again the Council of the Covenant was in Session. ...
... knew that such a promise would delay the vengeance of Herod ... faces, but I know your
plan is murder, and if ... Crowding forms and cries of terror filled the darkness ...
// 20 again the council.htm

Prolonged Agony
... were placarded with notices threatening exemplary vengeance on all ... and swearing that
he would murder Chrysostom. ... a second, who fled from him with loud cries. ...
/.../chapter l prolonged agony.htm

India's Ills and England's Sorrows
... have I regarded all battles as but murder on a ... Ye talk of vengeance, but ye know
not the men ... your terror beyond all description, when he cries, "Depart, ye ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 3 1857/indias ills and englands sorrows.htm

Unimpeachable Justice
... that the murderer's blood must be shed for murder; but there ... be no doubt when God
himself executes vengeance for a ... but with tears in his eyes he cries, "O God ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 2 1856/unimpeachable justice.htm

Christ --Our Substitute
... She proposed that when a man committed murder, he should ... our sins needed discipline,
but penal vengeance and righteous ... shuts out his prayer; he cries for water ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 6 1860/christour substitute.htm

The Martyrdom of Stephen.
... an Apostle; and that he who joined in the murder of a ... he appeals to the tribunal
of heaven, and dies invoking its vengeance. ... "Lord," cries exasperated nature ...
/.../dick/lectures on the acts of the apostles/lecture ix the martyrdom of.htm



Cannibalism: General Scriptures Concerning


Murder is a Work for the Flesh

Murder of Saints, Specially Avenged

Murder: Abimelech

Murder: Absalom

Murder: Adrammelech

Murder: Ahab

Murder: Amalekite

Murder: Baasha

Murder: Barabbas

Murder: Cain

Murder: Characteristic of the Devil

Murder: Chief Priests

Murder: Comes from the Heart

Murder: Connected With Idolatry

Murder: Cries for Vengeance

Murder: David

Murder: Defiles The: Hands

Murder: Defiles The: Land

Murder: Defiles The: Person and Garments

Murder: Described As Killing by a Hand Weapon of Wood

Murder: Described As Killing by an Instrument of Iron

Murder: Described As Killing by Lying in Wait

Murder: Described As Killing by the Blow of a Stone

Murder: Described As Killing with Premeditation

Murder: Described As Killing: from Hatred

Murder: Early Introduction of

Murder: Elders of Jezreel

Murder: Esau

Murder: Excludes from Heaven

Murder: Explained by Christ

Murder: Forbidden by Mosaic Law

Murder: God: Abominates

Murder: God: Curses Those Guilty of

Murder: God: Makes Inquisition For

Murder: God: Rejects the Prayers of Those Guilty of

Murder: God: Requires Blood For

Murder: God: Will Avenge

Murder: Hatred Is

Murder: Hazael

Murder: Herodias and Her Daughter

Murder: Imputed to the Nearest City when the Murderer Was Unknown

Murder: Ishmael

Murder: Jews

Murder: Jezebel

Murder: Joab

Murder: Joseph's Brethren

Murder: Judas

Murder: Killing a Thief in the Day, Counted As

Murder: Manasseh

Murder: Men of Shechem

Murder: Mode of Clearing Those Suspected of

Murder: Not Concealed from God

Murder: Often Committed by Night

Murder: People of Gilead

Murder: Persons Guilty of Fearful and Cowardly

Murder: Persons Guilty of Flee from God's Presence

Murder: Persons Guilty of had No Protection from Altars

Murder: Persons Guilty of not Protected in Refuge Cities

Murder: Persons Guilty of not to be Pitied or Spared

Murder: Persons Guilty of Wanderers and Vagabonds

Murder: Pharaoh

Murder: Princes of Israel

Murder: Punishment For: Death

Murder: Punishment For: Forbidden

Murder: Punishment For: Inflicted by the Nearest of Kin

Murder: Punishment For: Not to be Commuted

Murder: Punishment For: The Curse of God

Murder: Punishment of

Murder: Punishment of, not Commuted Under the Law

Murder: Rechab

Murder: Represented As a Sin Crying to Heaven

Murder: Saints: Deprecate the Guilt of

Murder: Saints: should Warn Others Against

Murder: Saints: Specially Warned Against

Murder: The Herods

Murder: The Jews often Guilty of

Murder: The Law Made to Restrain

Murder: The Wicked: Devise

Murder: The Wicked: Encourage Others to Commit

Murder: The Wicked: Filled With

Murder: The Wicked: Have Hands Full of

Murder: The Wicked: Intent On

Murder: The Wicked: Lie in Wait to Commit

Murder: The Wicked: Perpetrate

Murder: The Wicked: Swift to Commit

Murder: To be Proved by Two Witnesses at Least

Murder: Why Forbidden by God

Murder: Zimri

Patricide of Sennacherib

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