Fire: Spreading
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James 3:5
Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasts great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindles!
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Twelfth Day. The Thrice Holy One.
... And there is the Spirit of Holiness, the flames of that mighty fire spreading on
every side, convicting and judging as the Spirit of Burning, and then ...
// in christ/twelfth day the thrice holy.htm

Nestorius of Antioch Promoted to the See of Constantinople. His ...
... these people to desperation; for when they saw the work of destruction going forward
in their chapel, they threw fire into it, and the fire spreading on all ...
/.../chapter xxix nestorius of antioch promoted.htm

Letter ccxxii. To the People of Chalcis.
... I am not sure that the reference to a kind of prairie fire spreading from the East
does not rather imply a prevalence of heresy than what is commonly meant by ...
/.../basil/basil letters and select works/letter ccxxii to the people.htm

Unlawful Expulsion of John from his Bishopric. The Trouble which ...
... While the fire was spreading from late afternoon until the morning, and creeping
forward to the material which was still standing, the officers who held John ...
/.../chapter xxii unlawful expulsion of john.htm

In this King's Reign, the Blessed Archbishop Laurentius was Taken ...
... abode, when he, trusting in God, where human help failed, ordered himself to be
carried towards the raging masses of fire which were spreading on every side. ...
/.../bede/bedes ecclesiastical history of england/chap vii in this kings.htm

... O that I had the fuel with which perpetually to feed that fire, that it ... Barbarism
was fast spreading at that time in France, in consequence of constant war ...
// in the dark places/columban.htm

How Titus Gave Orders to Demolish the Tower of Antonia and Then ...
... temple, even when it was in their power to have stopped the fire; nay, they lay
still while the temple was first set on fire, and deemed this spreading of the ...
/.../chapter 2 how titus gave.htm

... The spout of fire leaped up as high as the roof, and, spreading among beams and
rafters, presented the aspect of a colossal tree of red flame. ...
/.../chapter lii conflagration.htm

How Perfect Love is Gotten by Cleanness and Love: and of Imperfect ...
... In spreading, truly: for it spreads the beams of its goodness not only to friends ...
Wherefore the heart that truly receives the fire of the Holy Ghost is burned ...
/.../ fire of love/chapter xvii how perfect love.htm

Letter ix. To Titus, Hierarch, Asking by Letter what is the House ...
... and transmitting the divinely wrought mysteries, through a typical spreading of
a ... the typical symbols, as the superessential God, spoken of as fire, and the ...
/.../dionysius/letters of dionysius the areopagite/letter ix to titus hierarch.htm


Arson by Absalom

Arson by Samson

Arson by Zimri

Arson: General Scriptures Concerning

Arson: Law Concerning


Fire Baptism

Fire in Houses: Lighted in Spring Mornings

Fire in Houses: Lighted in the Winter

Fire in Houses: Made of Charcoal

Fire in Houses: Made of Wood

Fire in Houses: Not to be Lighted on the Sabbath

Fire of Inspiration

Fire of the Destruction of the Wicked

Fire used As a Signal in War

Fire: A Symbol in the Burning Bush

Fire: A Symbol of God's Presence

Fire: A Symbol: On Sinai

Fire: A Symbol: Tongues of, on the Apostles

Fire: Affliction

Fire: At Elijah's Translation

Fire: Bright

Fire: Can be Increased in Intensity

Fire: Children Caused to Pass Through

Fire: Christ As Judge

Fire: Christ Shall Appear In

Fire: Consumes the Conspirators With Korah, Dathan, and Abiram

Fire: Consuming

Fire: Display of, in the Plagues of Egypt

Fire: Drying

Fire: Enlightening

Fire: Everlasting Fire

Fire: Frequently Employed As an Instrument of Divine Vengeance

Fire: Furnaces of

Fire: God Appeared In

Fire: God's Enemies

Fire: God's Protection

Fire: God's Vengeance

Fire: Heating

Fire: Injury From, to be Made Good by the Person Who Kindled It

Fire: Insatiable

Fire: Judgments

Fire: Kept Alive by Fuel

Fire: Lust

Fire: Melting

Fire: Miracles Connected With: David's Sacrifice

Fire: Miracles Connected With: Elijah's Sacrifice

Fire: Miracles Connected With: Miraculously Descends Upon, and Consumes, Abraham's Sacrifice

Fire: Miracles Connected With: Solomon's Sacrifice, at Dedication of the Temple

Fire: Miraculous in the Burning Bush

Fire: Miraculous: Angel Ascended In

Fire: Miraculous: Consumed the Company of Korah

Fire: Miraculous: Consumed the Sacrifice of Elijah

Fire: Miraculous: Consumed the Sacrifice of Gideon

Fire: Miraculous: Destroyed Nadab and Abihu

Fire: Miraculous: Destroyed the Enemies of Elijah

Fire: Miraculous: Destroyed the People at Taberah

Fire: Miraculous: Elijah Taken up in a Chariot of

Fire: Miraculous: Led the People of Israel in the Desert

Fire: Miraculous: On Mount Sinai at Giving of Law

Fire: Miraculous: Plagued the Egyptians

Fire: Persecution

Fire: Pillar of Fire

Fire: Punishment of the Wicked Shall be In

Fire: Purifying

Fire: Sacred: All Burn offerings Consumed By

Fire: Sacred: Always Burning on the Altar

Fire: Sacred: Came from Before the Lord

Fire: Sacred: Guilt of Burning Incense Without

Fire: Sacred: Incense Burned With

Fire: Sacred: Restored to the Temple

Fire: Spiritual Power

Fire: Spreading

Fire: The Captains of Fifties

Fire: The Church Destroying Her Enemies

Fire: The Holy Spirit

Fire: The Hope of Hypocrites

Fire: The Self-Righteous

Fire: The Tongue

Fire: The Word of God

Fire: Things Connected With: Ashes

Fire: Things Connected With: Burning Coals

Fire: Things Connected With: Flame

Fire: Things Connected With: Smoke

Fire: Things Connected With: Sparks

Fire: Though Small, Kindles a Great Matter

Fire: Torture By

Fire: Wickedness

Fire: Zeal of Angels

Fire: Zeal of Saints

Volcanoes: General Scriptures Concerning

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