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Strong's Hebrew
8259. shaqaph -- to overhang, look out or down
... root Definition to overhang, look out or down NASB Word Usage grows (1), look down
(1), looked (6), looked down (8), looks down (3), overlooks* (3). ...
/hebrew/8259.htm - 6k

6440. panim -- face, faces
... 2), meet (6), mind (4), mouth (1), old (1), open (15), openly* (1), opposite* (5),
ours (1), outer (1), outran* (1), over (3), over* (1), overlooks* (2), own (1 ...
/hebrew/6440.htm - 8k

5921. al -- upon, above, over
... 1), off (6), off* (5), opposed (1), opposite (1), opposite* (4), ornamented* (1),
over (538), over* (6), overflowing* (1), overflows* (1), overlooks* (3), part ...
/hebrew/5921.htm - 8k


Nature of Church History.
... A view of history which overlooks or undervalues the divine factor starts from deism
and consistently runs into atheism; while the opposite view, which ...
/.../schaff/history of the christian church volume i/section 1 nature of church.htm

Wesley's Hymns Reconsidered
... iambic line: Who is this gigantic foe. That proudly stalks along,. Overlooks
the crowd below,. In brazen armour strong? Notice the ...
/.../the hymns of wesley and watts five papers/wesleys hymns reconsidered.htm

section second.
... more easily won, and a hearing secured for whatever one has to say in the way of
admonition and rebuke, if it appears that he nowise overlooks or undervalues ...
/.../the epistle of paul to the philippians practically explained/section second.htm

Tendencies of Religious Thought in England, 1688-1750.
... the balance of probability according to the best of its judgment"this theory, defers
indeed to the abstract laws of logic, but overlooks the influences of ...
/.../tendencies of religious thought in.htm

Righteous Grace
... holiness. The inquirer who is only half in earnest overlooks this. His feelings
are moved, but his conscience is not roused. Hence ...
//christianbookshelf.org/bonar/gods way of peace/chapter iv righteous grace.htm

Restoring the Creator-Creature Relation
... rebellion. This story overlooks the legal aspects of redemption, but it makes
beautifully clear the experiential aspects of salvation. ...
/.../tozer/the pursuit of god/viii restoring the creator-creature relation.htm

Examples from among the Heathen, as Well as from the Church, to ...
... [572] ??gium (Jos. Scaliger, in Oehler). [573] But Tertullian overlooks the fact
that both Ovid and Virgil represent her as more than willing to marry ??neas. ...
/.../tertullian/on exhortation to chastity/chapter xiii examples from among the.htm

Behold all Ye that Kindle a Fire, that Compass Yourselves About ...
... If any man overlooks this, and undertakes to deal with mankind as if they were not
selfish, but were disinterested, he will be thought deranged. II. ...
/.../finney/lectures to professing christians/behold all ye that kindle.htm

The Work of the Holy Spirit in Prophets and Apostles.
... It overlooks the fact so clearly stated and carefully elucidated that while there
is "the same Spirit" there are "diversities of gifts" "diversities of ...
/.../torrey/the person and work of the holy spirit/chapter xxi the work of.htm

The Prophet Hosea.
... But this mode of argumentation entirely overlooks the position which the pious in
Israel generally, and the prophets especially, occupied in reference to Judah ...
/.../hengstenberg/christology of the old testament/the prophet hosea.htm

Overlooks (6 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Overlooks (6 Occurrences). ... Proverbs 12:16 A fool shows
his annoyance the same day, but one who overlooks an insult is prudent. ...
/o/overlooks.htm - 8k

Overlooking (11 Occurrences)

/o/overlooking.htm - 10k

Nazareth (29 Occurrences)
... is obtained, and accordingly they derive it from the Hebrew notserah, ie, one guarding
or watching, thus designating the hill which overlooks and thus guards ...
/n/nazareth.htm - 24k

Overseer (84 Occurrences)
... o-ver-se'-er, or -ser': One who overlooks, inspects; in the Old Testament from natsach
(2 Chronicles 2:18; in 2 Chronicles 34:13 the Revised Version (British ...
/o/overseer.htm - 32k

Overly (1 Occurrence)

/o/overly.htm - 6k

Features (3 Occurrences)
... whole of which the name Ghaur (Ghor) is applied by the Arabs, is a great table-land
sloping gradually to the East from the sharp edge which overlooks the Ghaur ...
/f/features.htm - 12k

Prospect (10 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (v.) That which is embraced by eye in vision; the region
which the eye overlooks at one time; view; scene; outlook. ...
/p/prospect.htm - 10k

Carmel (33 Occurrences)
... drops on the shore of the Mediterranean near Haifa, at the southern extremity of
the plain of Acre, to the height of el-Machraqah which overlooks the plain of ...
/c/carmel.htm - 25k

Annoyance (3 Occurrences)
... king's loss." (See NAS). Proverbs 12:16 A fool shows his annoyance the same
day, but one who overlooks an insult is prudent. (WEB NIV). ...
/a/annoyance.htm - 7k

Insult (25 Occurrences)
... (WEB NAS NIV). Proverbs 12:16 A fool shows his annoyance the same day,
but one who overlooks an insult is prudent. (WEB RSV NIV). ...
/i/insult.htm - 13k

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Overlooks (6 Occurrences)

Numbers 21:20
And from Bamoth to the valley in the open country of Moab, and to the top of Pisgah looking over Jeshimon.

Numbers 23:28
So Balak took Balaam to the top of Peor, looking down over the waste land.

Joshua 18:16
The border went down to the farthest part of the mountain that lies before the valley of the son of Hinnom, which is in the valley of Rephaim northward. It went down to the valley of Hinnom, to the side of the Jebusite southward, and went down to En Rogel.
(See RSV)

1 Samuel 13:18
and another company turned the way to Beth Horon; and another company turned the way of the border that looks down on the valley of Zeboim toward the wilderness.
(See NAS)

2 Chronicles 20:24
When Judah came to the place overlooking the wilderness, they looked at the multitude; and behold, they were dead bodies fallen to the earth, and there were none who escaped.
(See NIV)

Proverbs 12:16
A fool shows his annoyance the same day, but one who overlooks an insult is prudent.



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