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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Appearing worn and exhausted; or wild and intractable; disposed to break away from duty; untamed; as, a haggard or refractory hawk.

2. (a.) Having the expression of one wasted by want or suffering; hollow-eyed; having the features distorted or wasted, or anxious in appearance; as, haggard features, eyes.

3. (n.) A young or untrained hawk or falcon.

4. (n.) A fierce, intractable creature.

5. (n.) A hag.

6. (n.) A stackyard.

Strong's Hebrew
2196. zaaph -- to be vexed, be enraged
... Word Origin a prim. root Definition to be vexed, be enraged NASB Word Usage
dejected (1), enraged (2), looking...haggard (1), rages (1). ...
/hebrew/2196.htm - 6k

Letter H
... Part 1 A - K Letter H. * Hadley,James "Received 1825 * Hagany, John B. "Received
1831 * Haggard, David "Received 1787, Located 1793 * Haggard, Rice ...
/.../christianbookshelf.org/bangs/an alphabetical list of m e preachers/letter h.htm

Eutyches and Philip in Profundis
... and comfortless foulness, they were left there many days with the express object
of weakening their spirits and making them look squalid and haggard, until the ...
/.../chapter lvi eutyches and philip.htm

Jesus' Last Journey to Jerusalem.
... Judas was present, with disheveled locks and haggard look, James the Greater and
James the Less, and Andrew and Thomas, and the rest of the disciples. ...
/.../christianbookshelf.org/stead/king of the jews/chapter ii jesus last journey.htm

Judas Hangs Himself.
... sentence.". As he was speaking, Judas, looking haggard and distracted, rushed
into the midst of the council, crying wildly, "Is it true? ...
/.../stead/king of the jews/chapter vi judas hangs himself.htm

With the Circus
... and childish features were replaced by a sallow hue upon the sunken cheek; and the
roguish expression of the large brown eyes was lost in the haggard look that ...
/.../byrum/how john became a man/chapter viii with the circus.htm

Port of Spain
... One meets few or none of those figures and faces, small, scrofulous, squinny, and
haggard, which disgrace the so-called civilisation of a British city. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/kingsley/at last/chapter iv port of spain.htm

... You may search for it all your days and grow gray and haggard, and sit down in the
evening of life with the vampires circling about you and be forced to confess ...
//christianbookshelf.org/rees/the heart-cry of jesus/chapter viii soul-rest.htm

Chapter two
... had ever crowded the First Church. He was haggard and looked as if he had
just risen from a long illness. His wife was at home with ...
//christianbookshelf.org/sheldon/in his steps/chapter two.htm

"The Pharaoh Drew Nigh"
... When he came forth he was refreshed and stronger. Of the citizens, haggard and solemn
as they had been in Tanis, he asked concerning the Pharaoh. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/miller/the yoke/chapter xliii the pharaoh drew.htm

Chap. xxxiii. And Now, when Galerius was in the Eighteenth Year of ...
... through a complication of distempers, the different parts of his body had lost their
natural form: the superior part was dry, meagre, and haggard, and his ...
/.../of the manner in which the persecutors died/chap xxxiii and now when.htm

Haggard (2 Occurrences)
... 1. (a.) Appearing worn and exhausted; or wild and intractable; disposed to break
away from duty; untamed; as, a haggard or refractory hawk. ...
/h/haggard.htm - 7k

Haggan (1 Occurrence)

/h/haggan.htm - 6k

Haggedolim (1 Occurrence)

/h/haggedolim.htm - 6k

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Haggard (2 Occurrences)

2 Samuel 13:4
He said to him, "Why, son of the king, are you so sad from day to day? Won't you tell me?" Amnon said to him, "I love Tamar, my brother Absalom's sister."

Daniel 1:10
The prince of the eunuchs said to Daniel, I fear my lord the king, who has appointed your food and your drink: for why should he see your faces worse looking than the youths who are of your own age? so would you endanger my head with the king.
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