Covenant of Circumcision
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Covenant of Circumcision

After Abram had sojourned in the land of promise twenty-four years, The Lord made a covenant with him and changed his name to Abraham (Genesis 12:4,5; Genesis 17:1-5). The Lord proposed to make of him a great nation and to perpetuate the covenant through his offspring (Genesis 17:6,7). Birth and purchase were the conditions of membership in this covenant (Genesis 12:13). Of circumcision:

(A) It was a visible mark in the flesh. (B) It affected only the males of Abraham's family. (C) The children were circumcised on the eighth day. (D) The uncircumcised were to be cut off from the covenant (Genesis 17:6-14).

4061. peritome -- circumcision
... cut around, ie the removal of the male foreskin in (the visible sign of God's covenant
in the OT). See 4059 (). Theof physical circumcision relates to , the ...
// - 7k

203. akrobustia -- the prepuce, foreskin, hence uncircumcision
... Christ, the ). Physical circumcision is the of God's covenant, representing
the from God to by -- through (). [203 literally means ...
// - 7k

4059. peritemno -- to cut around, circumcise
... His covenant). Word Origin from peri and the same as tomos Definition to cut around,
circumcise NASB Word Usage circumcise (4), circumcised (10), circumcision ( ...
// - 8k


What Covenant of God the New-Born Babe Breaks. What was the Value ...
... The fact is, the covenant of God which he then broke was not this which commanded
circumcision, but that which forbade the tree; when "by one man sin entered ...
/.../augustine/anti-pelagian writings/chapter 24 xi what covenant of.htm

Both Covenants were Prefigured in Abraham, and in the Labour of ...
... and caused to take a place beside him who was made the chief and the forerunner
of our faith (who did also receive the covenant of circumcision, after that ...
/.../irenaeus/against heresies/chapter xxv both covenants were prefigured.htm

By the Circumcision of Abraham, Marriage with Sisters Forbidden ...
... Now Abraham, when he first received the covenant of circumcision, seems to signify,
by receiving circumcision in a member of his own body, nothing else than ...
/.../chapter iii by the circumcision of.htm

God's Covenant with Abram
... Henceforth they had, as it were, one life. We have not here the shedding
of Abram's blood, as in the covenant of circumcision. Still ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture k/gods covenant with abram.htm

Acts XVI
... So the covenant of circumcision must be everlasting, because it is to continue
as long as the flesh of Abraham is perpetuated. This ...
/.../mcgarvey/a commentary on acts of the apostles/acts xvi.htm

Appendix viii. Rabbinic Traditions About Elijah, the Forerunner of ...
... God accordingly had declared: Israel shall not make the covenant of circumcision,
but thou shalt see it,' and the sages decreed that (at circumcision) a seat ...
/.../appendix viii rabbinic traditions about.htm

The Spiritual Meaning of Circumcision.
... every Syrian and Arab, and all the priests of idols: are these then also within
the bond of His covenant? [1566] Yea, the Egyptians also practise circumcision. ...
/.../barnabas/the epistle of barnabas /chapter ix the spiritual meaning of.htm

On the Sacraments of the Old Testament, the Tree of Life ...
... Circumcision is the sign of the covenant into which God entered with Abraham to
seal or witness the promise about the blessed seed that should be born of him ...
/.../the works of james arminius vol 2/disputation lxi on the sacraments.htm

Of the Male, who was to Lose his Soul if He was not Circumcised on ...
... broken this my covenant, He would have compelled us to understand by it only this
of circumcision; but since He has not expressly said what covenant the infant ...
// of god/chapter 27 of the male who.htm

Perfect Righteousness was Conferred Neither by Circumcision nor by ...
... Enoch, too, pleasing God, without circumcision, discharged the office of God's legate
to ... the people in Deuteronomy: "The Lord thy God formed a covenant in Horeb ...
/.../irenaeus/against heresies/chapter xvi perfect righteousness was conferred.htm



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