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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A substitute; a proxy; an agent.

2. (n.) One who is legally appointed by another to transact any business for him; an attorney in fact.

3. (n.) A legal agent qualified to act for suitors and defendants in legal proceedings; an attorney at law.

4. (v. t.) To perform by proxy; to employ as a proxy.

4489. rhetor -- a public speaker
... advocate. Word Origin from a modified form of ereo Definition a public speaker
NASB Word Usage attorney (1). attorney, advocate. From ...
// - 6k

476. antidikos -- an opponent, adversary
... 476 (from 473 , "against, off-set" and 1349 , "justice, a judge") -- properly, a
prosecuting attorney arguing a case-at-law; an "opponent at law" (). ...
// - 8k

3544. nomikos -- relating to law, learned in the law
... 3544 (from 3551 , "law") -- properly, an expert in Jewish (theology); an ancient
Jewish-attorney ("Scripture-lawyer"), specializing in interpreting the OT and ...
// - 8k


Love and Law.
... because she liked neither his principles, habits, nor general character, while she
looked with favour upon the advances of a young attorney, named Denton ...
// for the wise/love and law.htm

Man's Responsibility for his Acts.
... Satan, who in the book of Job appears to be simply the prosecuting attorney of heaven,
began to be thought of as the enemy of man, until in later times all sin ...
/.../kent/the making of a nation/study ii mans responsibility for.htm

Geological Reform.
... amenable. As your attorney-general for the time being, I thought I could not
do better than get up the case with a view of advising you. ...
/.../huxley/lay sermons addresses and reviews/xi geological reform.htm

The Eighth Commandment
... (3) The thief that shrouds himself under law, as the unjust attorney or
lawyer, who prevaricates and deals falsely with his client. ...
/.../watson/the ten commandments/2 8 the eighth commandment.htm

Justus Falckner.
... On April 23, 1700, he acquired the power of attorney for the sale of William Penn's
lands in Pennsylvania, and left with his older brother, Daniel, for America ...
// lutheranism/justus falckner.htm

How to Make Use of Christ for Taking the Guilt of Our Daily Out ...
... case, and that is, Christ's eternal priesthood, whereby he makes intercession for
the transgressions of his people, and as their advocate and attorney with the ...
/.../brown/christ the way the truth and the life/chapter viii how to make.htm

... The attorney that pleads at the bar may have as good gifts as the judge that sits
upon the bench, but he must have a commission before he sit as judge. ...
/.../watson/the beatitudes an exposition of matthew 51-12/1 introduction.htm

How Christ is to be Made Use of as Our Life, in Case of ...
... access," Ephesians 2:18, "yea, boldness and access through faith in him," Ephesians
3:12; "and he is our advocate," 1 John 2:1; and, as our attorney, is gone ...
/.../brown/christ the way the truth and the life/chapter xxii how christ is.htm

Christian Stewardship.
... Notice also the physician who aspires to eminence. He tries the utmost
of his skill. Look in, too, upon the ambitious attorney. ...
/.../dibble/thoughts on missions/chapter ii christian stewardship.htm

Prefatory Notice
... Before his going to the university, he was upon trial as an attorney's clerk, and
under that character, being ordered by his master to write something on a ...
/...// saints everlasting rest/prefatory notice.htm

Attorney (1 Occurrence)
... 2. (n.) One who is legally appointed by another to transact any business for him;
an attorney in fact. ... Multi-Version Concordance Attorney (1 Occurrence). ...
/a/attorney.htm - 7k

Represent (10 Occurrences)
... the share, of; to speak and act with authority in behalf of; to act the part of
(another); as, an heir represents his ancestor; an attorney represents his ...
/r/represent.htm - 10k

Doer (25 Occurrences)
... 1. (vt & i.) One who does; one performs or executes; one who is wont and ready to
act; an actor; an agent. 2. (vt & i.) An agent or attorney; a factor. ...
/d/doer.htm - 14k

... u-ra-ter (epitropos): This word signified in a general sense a steward or bailiff
of a private estate, or a financial agent with power of attorney, and the ...
/p/procurator.htm - 13k

Present (577 Occurrences)
... 7. (a.) Present letters or instrument, as a deed of conveyance, a lease, letter
of attorney, or other writing; as in the phrase, Know all men by these presents ...
/p/present.htm - 38k

... or technical, judicial meaning is that which predominates in classical usage,
corresponding to our word "advocate," "counsel," or "attorney." The corresponding ...
/p/paraclete.htm - 17k

Paid (86 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (imp., pp, & a.) Receiving pay; compensated; hired;
as, a paid attorney. 2. (imp., pp, & a.) Satisfied; contented. 3. (imp. ...
/p/paid.htm - 30k

Admit (8 Occurrences)
... 3. (vt) To allow (one) to enter on an office or to enjoy a privilege; to recognize
as qualified for a franchise; as, to admit an attorney to practice law; the ...
/a/admit.htm - 9k

Appearance (126 Occurrences)
... either of the parties; the being present in court; the coming into court of a party
summoned in an action, either by himself or by his attorney, expressed by a ...
/a/appearance.htm - 41k

Attract (2 Occurrences)

/a/attract.htm - 7k

Attorney (1 Occurrence)

Acts 24:1
After five days, the high priest, Ananias, came down with certain elders and an orator, one Tertullus. They informed the governor against Paul.
(See NAS)



Attorney: Employed

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