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a-sas'-inz (sicarioi; the King James Version murderers): Josephus (BJ, II, xiii, 3, xvii) relates that "there sprang up in Jerusalem a class of robbers called Sicarii, who slew men in the daytime, and in the midst of the city. This they did chiefly when they mingled with the populace at the festivals, and, hiding short daggers in their garments, stabbed with them those that were their enemies. The first to be assassinated by them was Jonathan the high priest, and after him many were slain daily" (see also Ant, XX, viii, 6, ix). The name is derived from Latin sica, "a dagger." The sicarioi were implacable in their hatred to Rome and to those Jews who were suspected of leaning toward Rome. They took a leading part in the Jewish rebellion and in the disturbance previous to it, and also in the faction quarrels during the war. After the war they continued their nefarious practices in Egypt and Cyrene whither they had fled. Lysias mistook Paul for `the Egyptian who. led out into the wilderness the 4,000 men of the sicarioi' (Acts 21:38).

S. F. Hunter

5344. Phelix -- "fortunate," Felix, a governor of Judea
... seditious" (Ac 21:38). [One group, called the Assassins (literally "dagger
men"), were true to their nam!]. Word Origin of Latin ...
// - 7k

4607. sikarios -- an assassin
... the Sicarii. Word Origin of Latin origin, sica (a dagger) Definition an
assassin NASB Word Usage Assassins (1). murderer. Of Latin ...
// - 6k


How St Francis Converted Certain Robbers and Assassins, who Became ...
/.../the little flowers of st francis of assisi/chapter xxvi how st francis.htm

To the Rev. A. Brandram
... as the darkness would permit us to distinguish they were naked, but each bore in
his hand a long gun; these were rateros, or the common assassins and robbers ...
/.../borrow/letters of george borrow/to the rev a brandram 51.htm

The Exile.
... A stealthy band of assassins from the palace surround the house with orders to prevent
all egress, and, by what may be either the strange whim of a madman, or ...
// life of david/iv the exile.htm

Introductory Remarks on the Importance of Orthodoxy
... poisons would be used as medicines; doctors would be called in when people were
well; the Royal Humane Society would be rooted out like a horde of assassins. ...
// introductory remarks on the.htm

Knox in St. Andrews Castle: the Galleys: 1547-1549
... Andrews Castle, despairing of their task, near the end of January 1547 made a
fraudulent truce with the assassins, hoping for the betrayal of the castle, or of ...
/.../lang/john knox and the reformation/chapter iii knox in st.htm

The Last Years of Knox: 1567-1572
... Balfour, who was equally involved; Lethington, who signed the murder covenant; and
Douglas of Whittingham, and Ker of Faldonside, two of Riccio's assassins. ...
/.../lang/john knox and the reformation/chapter xviii the last years.htm

... Felix; for he had restored tranquility to the country, when it was disturbed, first
by hordes of robbers; afterward by organized bands of Assassins, and more ...
/.../mcgarvey/a commentary on acts of the apostles/acts xxiv.htm

Paul Before Felix.
... the forms of law, which have often given the colour of justice to the most iniquitous
deeds, it was determined, that he should perish by the hands of assassins ...
/.../dick/lectures on the acts of the apostles/lecture xxvii paul before felix.htm

Argument: Then He Shows that Cæcilius had Been Wrong in Asserting ...
... Abandoned people, profligate, incestuous, assassins, traitors, had flocked together;
and in order that Romulus himself, their commander and governor, might ...
/.../felix/the octavius of minucius felix/chapter xxv argument then he shows.htm

I Will Confess, However, Without Hesitation, that There are Some ...
... some who in a sense may complain of Christians that they are a sterile race: as,
for instance, pimps, and panders, and bath-suppliers; assassins, and poisoners ...
// xliii i will confess.htm

Assassins (2 Occurrences)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia ASSASSINS. a-sas'-inz ... 38). SF Hunter.
Multi-Version Concordance Assassins (2 Occurrences). Acts 21 ...
/a/assassins.htm - 8k

... It is not improbable that the "Assassins" (see ASSASSINS) of Acts 21:38 were identical,
or at least closely associated, with this body of "Zealots," to which ...
/z/zealots.htm - 8k

Zealot (4 Occurrences)
... It is not improbable that the "Assassins" (see ASSASSINS) of Acts 21:38 were identical,
or at least closely associated, with this body of "Zealots," to which ...
/z/zealot.htm - 12k

Egyptian (35 Occurrences)
... 21:38, by Claudius Lysias as having "before these days stirred up to sedition and
led out into the wilderness the four thousand men of the ASSASSINS" (which see ...
/e/egyptian.htm - 19k

Murderers (9 Occurrences)
... mur'-der-erz (Acts 21:38 the King James Version, the Revised Version (British and
American) "assassins"): Represents a word only once mentioned in the New ...
/m/murderers.htm - 10k

Assault (8 Occurrences)

/a/assault.htm - 11k

Assassination (1 Occurrence)

/a/assassination.htm - 10k

Uprising (4 Occurrences)
... Acts 21:38 art not thou, then, the Egyptian who before these days made an uprising,
and did lead into the desert the four thousand men of the assassins?' (YLT). ...
/u/uprising.htm - 7k

Worked (145 Occurrences)
... 21:38 Are you by chance the Egyptian who, before this, got the people worked up
against the government and took four thousand men of the Assassins out into the ...
/w/worked.htm - 36k

Terrorists (1 Occurrence)
... 38 Aren't you then the Egyptian, who before these days stirred up to sedition and
led out into the wilderness the four thousand men of the Assassins?" (See NIV ...
/t/terrorists.htm - 6k

Assassins (2 Occurrences)

Acts 21:38
Aren't you then the Egyptian, who before these days stirred up to sedition and led out into the wilderness the four thousand men of the Assassins?"

2 Kings 14:6
but the children of the murderers he didn't put to death; according to that which is written in the book of the law of Moses, as Yahweh commanded, saying, "The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, nor the children be put to death for the fathers; but every man shall die for his own sin."
(See NIV)



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