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Aram of the two rivers, is Mesopotamia (as it is rendered in Genesis 24:10), the country enclosed between the Tigris on the east and the Euphrates on the west (Psalm 60, title); called also the "field of Aram" (Hosea 12:12, R.V.) i.e., the open country of Aram; in the Authorized Version, "country of Syria." Padan-aram (q.v.) was a portion of this country.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

a-ram-na-ha-ra'-im. See SYRIA.


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Aram-naharaim (5 Occurrences)
Aram-naharaim. Aramnaharaim, Aram-naharaim. Aramrehob . Easton's Bible Dictionary ...
(BBE WBS YLT RSV). Aramnaharaim, Aram-naharaim. Aramrehob . Reference ...
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Aram-maachah (1 Occurrence)
Aram-maachah. Aram-ma'acah, Aram-maachah. Aramnaharaim . Multi-Version Concordance ...
Aram-ma'acah, Aram-maachah. Aramnaharaim . Reference Bible.
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