Psalm 59:7
Text Analysis
2009 [e]הִנֵּ֤ה ׀
5042 [e]יַבִּ֘יע֤וּן
they belchV-Hifil-Imperf-3mp | Pn
6310 [e]בְּפִיהֶ֗ם
with their mouthPrep-b | N-msc | 3mp
2719 [e]חֲ֭רָבוֹת
Swords [are]N-fp
8193 [e]בְּשִׂפְתוֹתֵיהֶ֑ם
in their lipsPrep-b | N-fpc | 3mp
3588 [e]כִּי־
for [they say]Conj
4310 [e]מִ֥י
8085 [e]שֹׁמֵֽעַ׃

Hebrew Texts
תהילים 59:7 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
הִנֵּ֤ה ׀ יַבִּ֘יע֤וּן בְּפִיהֶ֗ם חֲ֭רָבֹות בְּשִׂפְתֹותֵיהֶ֑ם כִּי־מִ֥י שֹׁמֵֽעַ׃

תהילים 59:7 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
הנה ׀ יביעון בפיהם חרבות בשפתותיהם כי־מי שמע׃

תהילים 59:7 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
הנה ׀ יביעון בפיהם חרבות בשפתותיהם כי־מי שמע׃

תהילים 59:7 Hebrew Bible
הנה יביעון בפיהם חרבות בשפתותיהם כי מי שמע׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Behold, they belch forth with their mouth; Swords are in their lips, For, they say, "Who hears?"

King James Bible
Behold, they belch out with their mouth: swords are in their lips: for who, say they, doth hear?

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Look, they spew from their mouths-- sharp words from their lips." For who," they say, "will hear?"
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