Judges 5:22
Text Analysis
227 [e]אָ֥ז
1986 [e]הָלְמ֖וּ
6119 [e]עִקְּבֵי־
5483 [e]ס֑וּס
of the horsesN-ms
1726 [e]מִֽדַּהֲר֖וֹת
the gallopingPrep-m | N-fp
1726 [e]דַּהֲר֥וֹת
47 [e]אַבִּירָֽיו׃
of his mighty [steeds]Adj-mpc | 3ms

Hebrew Texts
שופטים 5:22 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
אָ֥ז הָלְמ֖וּ עִקְּבֵי־ס֑וּס מִֽדַּהֲרֹ֖ות דַּהֲרֹ֥ות אַבִּירָֽיו׃

שופטים 5:22 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
אז הלמו עקבי־סוס מדהרות דהרות אביריו׃

שופטים 5:22 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
אז הלמו עקבי־סוס מדהרות דהרות אביריו׃

שופטים 5:22 Hebrew Bible
אז הלמו עקבי סוס מדהרות דהרות אביריו׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"Then the horses' hoofs beat From the dashing, the dashing of his valiant steeds.

King James Bible
Then were the horsehoofs broken by the means of the pransings, the pransings of their mighty ones.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
The horses' hooves then hammered-- the galloping, galloping of his stallions."
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

horsehoofs. Anciently, horses were not shod; nor are they at the present day in some parts of the East. The flight was so rapid that the hoofs of their horses were splintered and broken by the roughness of the roads; in consequence of which they became lame, and could not carry off their riders.

Psalm 20:7 Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember …

Psalm 33:17 An horse is a vain thing for safety: neither shall he deliver any …

Psalm 147:10,11 He delights not in the strength of the horse: he takes not pleasure …

Isaiah 5:28 Whose arrows are sharp, and all their bows bent, their horses' hoofs …

Jeremiah 47:4 Because of the day that comes to spoil all the Philistines, and to …

Micah 4:13 Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion: for I will make your horn iron, …

pransings. or tramplings. or plungings. mighty ones. or as Dr. Waterland renders, 'mighty horses,' or 'strong steeds,' as Dr. Kennicott, i.e. their war-horses, which gives great energy to the text, and renders it perfectly intelligible.

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