Esther 2:22
Text Analysis
3045 [e]וַיִּוָּדַ֤ע
So became knownConj-w | V-Nifal-ConsecImperf-3ms
1697 [e]הַדָּבָר֙
the matterArt | N-ms
4782 [e]לְמָרְדֳּכַ֔י
to MordecaiPrep-l | N-proper-ms
5046 [e]וַיַּגֵּ֖ד
and who toldConj-w | V-Hifil-ConsecImperf-3ms
635 [e]לְאֶסְתֵּ֣ר
EstherPrep-l | N-proper-fs
4436 [e]הַמַּלְכָּ֑ה
QueenArt | N-fs
559 [e]וַתֹּ֧אמֶר
and informedConj-w | V-Qal-ConsecImperf-3fs
635 [e]אֶסְתֵּ֛ר
4428 [e]לַמֶּ֖לֶךְ
the kingPrep-l, Art | N-ms
8034 [e]בְּשֵׁ֥ם
in namePrep-b | N-msc
4782 [e]מָרְדֳּכָֽי׃
of MordecaiN-proper-ms

Hebrew Texts
אסתר 2:22 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
וַיִּוָּדַ֤ע הַדָּבָר֙ לְמָרְדֳּכַ֔י וַיַּגֵּ֖ד לְאֶסְתֵּ֣ר הַמַּלְכָּ֑ה וַתֹּ֧אמֶר אֶסְתֵּ֛ר לַמֶּ֖לֶךְ בְּשֵׁ֥ם מָרְדֳּכָֽי׃

אסתר 2:22 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
ויודע הדבר למרדכי ויגד לאסתר המלכה ותאמר אסתר למלך בשם מרדכי׃

אסתר 2:22 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
ויודע הדבר למרדכי ויגד לאסתר המלכה ותאמר אסתר למלך בשם מרדכי׃

אסתר 2:22 Hebrew Bible
ויודע הדבר למרדכי ויגד לאסתר המלכה ותאמר אסתר למלך בשם מרדכי׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
But the plot became known to Mordecai and he told Queen Esther, and Esther informed the king in Mordecai's name.

King James Bible
And the thing was known to Mordecai, who told it unto Esther the queen; and Esther certified the king thereof in Mordecai's name.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
When Mordecai learned of the plot, he reported it to Queen Esther, and she told the king on Mordecai's behalf.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

the thing.

Ecclesiastes 10:20 Curse not the king, no not in your thought; and curse not the rich …

Acts 23:12-22 And when it was day, certain of the Jews banded together, and bound …

and Esther certified.

Esther 6:1,2 On that night could not the king sleep, and he commanded to bring …

Romans 11:33 O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! …

Mordecai's name.

Philippians 2:4 Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things …

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