Deuteronomy 3:9
Text Analysis
6722 [e]צִידֹנִ֛ים
the SidoniansN-proper-mp
7121 [e]יִקְרְא֥וּ
2768 [e]לְחֶרְמ֖וֹן
HermonPrep-l | N-proper-fs
8303 [e]שִׂרְיֹ֑ן
567 [e]וְהָ֣אֱמֹרִ֔י
and the AmoritesConj-w, Art | N-proper-ms
7121 [e]יִקְרְאוּ־
itPrep | 3ms
8149 [e]שְׂנִֽיר׃

Hebrew Texts
דברים 3:9 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
צִידֹנִ֛ים יִקְרְא֥וּ לְחֶרְמֹ֖ון שִׂרְיֹ֑ן וְהָ֣אֱמֹרִ֔י יִקְרְאוּ־לֹ֖ו שְׂנִֽיר׃

דברים 3:9 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
צידנים יקראו לחרמון שרין והאמרי יקראו־לו שניר׃

דברים 3:9 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
צידנים יקראו לחרמון שרין והאמרי יקראו־לו שניר׃

דברים 3:9 Hebrew Bible
צידנים יקראו לחרמון שרין והאמרי יקראו לו שניר׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
(Sidonians call Hermon Sirion, and the Amorites call it Senir):

King James Bible
(Which Hermon the Sidonians call Sirion; and the Amorites call it Shenir;)

Holman Christian Standard Bible
which the Sidonians call Sirion, but the Amorites call Senir,
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Hermon Mount Hermon is the south-eastern branch of Lebanon, beyond Jordan. The Chaldee Targumist, who places it at Caesarea and Samaritan interpreter call it toor talga, `the mountain of snow,' because of its being always covered with snow; and Jerome informs us, that it lies higher than Paneas or Caesarea Philippi, and that in the summer time snow used to be carried from thence to Tyre. It is now call El Heish, and is comprised in the district of Kanneytra.

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