2 Kings 22:7
Text Analysis
389 [e]אַ֚ךְ
3808 [e]לֹא־
2803 [e]יֵחָשֵׁ֣ב
there need be accounting madeV-Nifal-Imperf-3ms
854 [e]אִתָּ֔ם
with themPrep | 3mp
3701 [e]הַכֶּ֖סֶף
of the moneyArt | N-ms
5414 [e]הַנִּתָּ֣ן
deliveredArt | V-Nifal-Prtcpl-ms
5921 [e]עַל־
3027 [e]יָדָ֑ם
their handN-fsc | 3mp
3588 [e]כִּ֥י
530 [e]בֶאֱמוּנָ֖ה
faithfullyPrep-b | N-fs
1992 [e]הֵ֥ם
6213 [e]עֹשִֽׂים׃

Hebrew Texts
מלכים ב 22:7 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
אַ֚ךְ לֹא־יֵחָשֵׁ֣ב אִתָּ֔ם הַכֶּ֖סֶף הַנִּתָּ֣ן עַל־יָדָ֑ם כִּ֥י בֶאֱמוּנָ֖ה הֵ֥ם עֹשִֽׂים׃

מלכים ב 22:7 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
אך לא־יחשב אתם הכסף הנתן על־ידם כי באמונה הם עשים׃

מלכים ב 22:7 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
אך לא־יחשב אתם הכסף הנתן על־ידם כי באמונה הם עשים׃

מלכים ב 22:7 Hebrew Bible
אך לא יחשב אתם הכסף הנתן על ידם כי באמונה הם עשים׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"Only no accounting shall be made with them for the money delivered into their hands, for they deal faithfully."

King James Bible
Howbeit there was no reckoning made with them of the money that was delivered into their hand, because they dealt faithfully.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
But no accounting is to be required from them for the money put into their hands since they work with integrity."
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


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they dealt faithfully.

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Proverbs 28:20 A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that makes haste …

Luke 16:10-12 He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: …

1 Corinthians 4:2 Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

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3 John 1:5 Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do to the brothers, and to strangers;

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