Isaiah 52:9
Break forth in joy, sing together, O ruins of Jerusalem, for the LORD has comforted His people; He has redeemed Jerusalem.
The Redemption of JerusalemE. Johnson Isaiah 52:1-12
The Liberty of the ChurchW. Clarkson Isaiah 52:2-9
Expectation and AccomplishmentF. B. Meyer, B. A.Isaiah 52:8-12
Eye to EyeA. B. Davidson, D. D.Isaiah 52:8-12
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The Return from ExileF. B. Meyer, B.A.Isaiah 52:8-12
Matter for Joy and PraiseIsaiah 52:9-10
The Return of the Jewish NationH. McNeile, M. A.Isaiah 52:9-10
How beautiful upon the mountains, etc.! Not so with the warrior. His garments are dyed in blood; his track is over desolated cornfields and ruined vineyards. Look at the footsteps of the servants of God.

I. THE MESSENGERS. They are not self-inspired or self-commissioned. They are sent of God. From Jerusalem the apostles are to go forth; over her all-surrounding mountains they go to tell the story of the angels' song, the Messiah's ministry, and the redeeming cross. How beautiful! - to publish peace!

1. Peace between man and man.

2. Peace between God and man.

3. Peace between nation and nation.

4. Peace in a man's own soul.

II. THE MESSAGE. "Good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation." Blessed word! But how often narrowed and marred through human interpretation!

1. We are saved from ourselves. And this salvation is going on within us day by day, as we grow in grace.

2. We are saved from guilt. As we can only be by an atonement where the offering is without spot.

3. We are saved from all that is inimical in the evil that is without us. For the Saviour knows our enemies, is stronger than our enemies, and will subdue them under his feet. "Thy God reigneth," and, mystery of mysteries, the cross is his sceptre. "I, if I be lifted up., will draw all men unto me." - W.M.S.

Break forth into joy.
I. CONSIDER CERTAIN CHANGES WHICH SHALL HAVE TAKEN PLACE AMONG THE GENTILES OF CHRISTENDOM, AT, OR ABOUT, THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE JEWISH NATION IN THEIR OWN LAND (Matthew 13:24-30). The signal destruction of all false, hypocritical, unbelieving professors of religion, here called "the children of the wicked one" or "the tares;" and, secondly, the gathering in of the elect members of Christ's mystical body, or the gathering of "the wheat into the barn."

II. THE BLESSING WHICH THE JEWISH NATION WILL PROVE TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH. It appears that the plan and purpose of God, as revealed in His Word, is, after having finished the dispensation of the Gentiles as He finished the dispensation of the Jews, and having "concluded all in unbelief," the period will then arrive when, according to the language of Paul, "He will have mercy upon all."


1. As to the nature of the blessing. This is nothing more nor less than a true and saving conversion, terminating in salvation. Not a bringing of them back to the state in which Adam was before his fall; not a grafting them into the mystical body of Christ; but a true, a sound conversion from all that is evil, and the full enjoyment of God s great salvation.

2. As to the duration of this blessing. With reference to converted individuals the effect will be eternal: but there will be a limit to this state of things as to the nations of the earth.

(H. McNeile, M. A.)

Those that share in mercies ought to join in praises. Here is matter for joy and praise.

I. GOD'S PEOPLE WILL HAVE THE COMFORT OF THIS SALVATION; and what is the matter of our rejoicing ought to be the matter of our thanksgiving.


III. ALL THE WORLD WILL HAVE THE BENEFIT OF IT. "All the ends of the earth," etc.

( M. Henry.)

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