A Noble Womanly RefusalP.C. Barker Esther 1:10-12
The Parody of LegislatureP.C. Barker Esther 1:16-22
Memory's VisitationP.C. Barker Esther 2:1
The Verdict of Pleasure an Untrustworthy Basis of ActionP.C. Barker Esther 2:4
An Unexpected CoronationP.C. Barker Esther 2:17
The Perfection of SteadfastnessP.C. Barker Esther 3:2
The True Church Described by Untruthful LipsP.C. Barker Esther 3:8
Life ContrastsP.C. Barker Esther 3:15
The Suggestion for the HourP.C. Barker Esther 4:14
Self's Supreme CapitulationP.C. Barker Esther 4:16
The Hour that Revealed DutyP.C. Barker Esther 5:2
The Bathos of ConfessionP.C. Barker Esther 5:13
A Sleepless Monarch and a Wakeful ProvidenceP.C. Barker Esther 6:1
VanityP.C. Barker Esther 6:6
The Effectual Prayer of a True PriestessP.C. Barker Esther 7:3, 4
A Changed AttitudeP.C. Barker Esther 7:6
Consecration, Kindred, Law, and FollyP.C. Barker Esther 8:3-14
True PatriotismP.C. Barker Esther 8:6
A Type of Universal JoyP.C. Barker Esther 8:15-17
SunshineP.C. Barker Esther 8:15-17
The Antagonisms of NationsP.C. Barker Esther 9:1
The Law of National Self-PreservationP.C. Barker Esther 9:16
The Elements of Perfect JoyP.C. Barker Esther 9:19, 22
The Religion of National GratitudeP.C. Barker Esther 9:21, 27, 28, 31
The Beneficent StatesmanP.C. Barker Esther 10:3
Nature's TeachingCanon Barker.Psalm 104:1-35
The Voice of True WisdomW. Barker.Proverbs 1:20-23
Trust in GodGeorge Barker.Proverbs 3:5
The Presence of God's Spirit in the ChurchW. Barker.Haggai 2:5
Suggestions of Just Ways of Covering SinP.C. Barker Matthew 1:19
The Name Which is Above Every NameP.C. Barker Matthew 1:21
The Name, the Burden of ProphecyP.C. Barker Matthew 1:23
The Happy Misnomer of the Wise Men of the EastP.C. Barker Matthew 2:1-12
The Providence that Befriended the Earliest Life of JesusP.C. Barker Matthew 2:13, 19, 22
A Notable Instance of the Vicarious in the Human Lot and in SufferingP.C. Barker Matthew 2:16-18
The Appearance of John the BaptistP.C. Barker Matthew 3:1-15
The Overruling ReplyP.C. Barker Matthew 3:15
The Heavenly Attestation of the Sonship of JesusP.C. Barker Matthew 3:16, 17
The Preliminaries of the Ordeal Temptations of Jesus ChristP.C. Barker Matthew 4:1
The First Ordeal-Temptation Recorded of JesusP.C. Barker Matthew 4:2-4
The Second Ordeal-TemptationP.C. Barker Matthew 4:5-7
The Third Ordeal-Temptation of JesusP.C. Barker Matthew 4:8-10
The Rest from TemptationP.C. Barker Matthew 4:11
The Extremes of Light and DarknessP.C. Barker Matthew 4:16
The Summons - to Repent!P.C. Barker Matthew 4:17
The Call of Christ to His First DisciplesP.C. Barker Matthew 4:18-22
Early Omens of the Triple Genius and Functions of ChristianityP.C. Barker Matthew 4:23-25
Teaching for the MultitudeP.C. Barker Matthew 5:1, 2
Poverty in Spirit; and the Clue to its BlessednessP.C. Barker Matthew 5:3
The Blessedness that Christ PronouncesP.C. Barker Matthew 5:3
The Poor in SpiritW. Barker., Thomas Watson., Thomas Watson.Matthew 5:3
The Blessedness of the MournerP.C. Barker Matthew 5:4
Benedictions, or the Blessed LifeW. Barker., Thomas Watson.Matthew 5:5
The Blessedness of the MeekP.C. Barker Matthew 5:5
The Blessedness of Those Who Hunger and Thirst After RighteousnessP.C. Barker Matthew 5:6
The Beatitude of MercyP.C. Barker Matthew 5:7
The Beatitude of the Pure in HeartP.C. Barker Matthew 5:8
The Beatitude of the PeacemakersP.C. Barker Matthew 5:9
The Beatitude of PersecutionP.C. Barker Matthew 5:10
The Beatitude of Suffering for the Sake of JesusP.C. Barker Matthew 5:11, 12
The Startling SalutationP.C. Barker Matthew 5:13-16
The Veneration of Law and ProphetsP.C. Barker Matthew 5:17-20
The Christian Type of a True Fulfilling of the LawP.C. Barker Matthew 5:21-26
Christ's Second and Third Illustration of the Christian Type of a True Fulfilling of the LawP.C. Barker Matthew 5:27-32
The True Fulfilling of the Law: Christ's Fourth IllustrationP.C. Barker Matthew 5:33-37
The Christian Type of Fulfilling of the Law: Christ's Fifth IllustrationP.C. Barker Matthew 5:38-42
The Perfect Fulfilling of Law: Christ's Sixth IllustrationP.C. Barker Matthew 5:43-48
As to the Duty of Giving AlmsP.C. Barker Matthew 6:1-4
As to the Duty of PrayerP.C. Barker Matthew 6:5-8
As to the Manner of PrayerP.C. Barker Matthew 6:9
The First PetitionP.C. Barker Matthew 6:9
The Second PetitionP.C. Barker Matthew 6:10
The Third PetitionP.C. Barker Matthew 6:10
The Fourth PetitionP.C. Barker Matthew 6:11
The Fifth PetitionP.C. Barker Matthew 6:12
The Seventh PetitionP.C. Barker Matthew 6:13
The Sixth PetitionP.C. Barker Matthew 6:13
The Manner of FastingP.C. Barker Matthew 6:16-18
The Treasure Laid Up on EarthP.C. Barker Matthew 6:19-21
The Lamp of the BodyP.C. Barker Matthew 6:22, 23
Singleness of ServiceP.C. Barker Matthew 6:24
The Condemnation of the Toil of the WorldP.C. Barker Matthew 6:25-34
The Warning in JudgingP.C. Barker Matthew 7:1, 2
The Confronting QuestionP.C. Barker Matthew 7:3-5
Christian Economy, and Gospel FrugalityP.C. Barker Matthew 7:6
The Challenge of the Closed DoorP.C. Barker Matthew 7:7
The Challenge to the SeekerP.C. Barker Matthew 7:7
The Generous ChallengeP.C. Barker Matthew 7:7
The Improvement Upon the Earthly PatternP.C. Barker Matthew 7:11, 12
The Noblest Provocation to Sanctified ImaginationP.C. Barker Matthew 7:13, 14
The Branded False ProphetsP.C. Barker Matthew 7:15-20
The Saying and Hearing Contrasted with the DoingP.C. Barker Matthew 7:21-29
The Leper's ExampleP.C. Barker Matthew 8:1-4
The Centurion's ExampleP.C. Barker Matthew 8:5-13
The Instinct of BeneficenceP.C. Barker Matthew 8:14-17
Three Human Types - One Divine TypeP.C. Barker Matthew 8:19-22
The Novel Call to FaithP.C. Barker Matthew 8:23-27
The Divorce of Supreme PityP.C. Barker Matthew 8:28-34
The Lord of Both LivesP.C. Barker Matthew 9:1-8
The Sudden But Safe CallP.C. Barker Matthew 9:9
The Model Readiness of MercyP.C. Barker Matthew 9:10-13
Human Disfigurings of the Church's Order and DisciplineP.C. Barker Matthew 9:14-17
The Advance of Faith Upon SenseP.C. Barker Matthew 9:18, 19, 23-26
The Easy Overflowing of the Grace of Christ When in Contact with FaithP.C. Barker Matthew 9:20-22
The Blindness of Sense Vanquished by the Sight of FaithP.C. Barker Matthew 9:27-31
The Tyrannous IntrusionP.C. Barker Matthew 9:32, 33
The Mournful Picture Redeemed by CompassionP.C. Barker Matthew 9:36-38
The Commanding of the TwelveP.C. Barker Matthew 10:1-42
The Forearming Against a Foreseen UnbeliefP.C. Barker Matthew 11:2-30
The Damnation Under the Gospel More Intolerable than that of SodomM. Barker, M. A., H. Melvill, M. A.Matthew 11:20-24
The Sabbath Made for ManP.C. Barker Matthew 12:1-8
The Efficacy of Righteous WrathP.C. Barker Matthew 12:9-14
The Rarest of GentlenessP.C. Barker Matthew 12:20
The Bathos of Detracting BlasphemyP.C. Barker Matthew 12:22-37
One Inevitable Law of JudgmentP.C. Barker Matthew 12:38-45
The Necessary Condition of Right Personal LoveP.C. Barker Matthew 12:46-50
The Beginning of ParablesP.C. Barker Matthew 13:1-23
The Great Administrator's ForesightP.C. Barker Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43
The Herb that is a TreeP.C. Barker Matthew 13:31, 32
The Foretold Now Become the ToldP.C. Barker Matthew 13:33-36
The Treasure of Great, But Careful, JoyP.C. Barker Matthew 13:44
The Superlative Prize Going to the SeekerP.C. Barker Matthew 13:45, 46
The Gathering Together in Order to the SeparatingP.C. Barker Matthew 13:47-50
The Defying of ConvictionP.C. Barker Matthew 13:53-58
The Ruin of Reckless RashnessP.C. Barker Matthew 14:1, 2, 3-5, 6-12
The Sacrament MiracleP.C. Barker Matthew 14:13-21
A Contention of Sense and FaithP.C. Barker Matthew 14:22-33
Forsaking All to Follow ChristJ. T. Barker., W. H. Hatchings, M. A.Matthew 19:27-30
The Ascension and its EffectsBp. F. Barker, D. D.Mark 16:19
The Successful Minister's SafeguardPhilip C. Barker, M. A.Luke 10:17-20
The World's Supreme Question to the FrontP.C. Barker Acts 1:3
The Supreme Promise to the ChurchP.C. Barker Acts 1:4
Craving for Forbidden KnowledgeP.C. Barker Acts 1:6-8
Heavenward Gazing Recalled to Earthward WatchingP.C. Barker Acts 1:9-11
A Second Interval of Thrilling Expectation Hushing Itself in PrayerP.C. Barker Acts 1:12-14
Judas, His Opportunity and His Treatment of itP.C. Barker Acts 1:16-20, 25
The Earnest of Zeal and Fidelity Exhibited by the Church ExpectantP.C. Barker Acts 1:26
The Day of Pentecost, and its Immediate GiftsP.C. Barker Acts 2:1-41
The First Practice of Baptism as a Christian RiteP.C. Barker Acts 2:38, 41
The First Regime of the Body of Christ's Disciples as a Christian CommunityP.C. Barker Acts 2:42-47
The Church's Immediate Assertion of Her Own Moral ForcesP.C. Barker Acts 2:43-47
Peter's Second Sermon and its Results - One Evening's Good WorkP.C. Barker Acts 3:1-4:4
The True Importance of Ancestry - What it isP.C. Barker Acts 3:25
The First Trial of Christian Preachers in a Court of JudgmentP.C. Barker Acts 4:4-22
The Grateful, Emboldened, and Prayerful Church, and the Spirit's WitnessP.C. Barker Acts 4:23-31
A Novel UnanimityP.C. Barker Acts 4:32-35
The Earliest of the Tares, in the Field of the ChurchP.C. Barker Acts 4:36-5:11
Jerusalem's Second SummerP.C. Barker Acts 5:12-16
A Grand Victory for the Truth Along the Whole LineP.C. Barker Acts 5:17-40
The Theme of Themes: the Angel's ChargeP.C. Barker Acts 5:20
Joy in the Fellowship of ShameP.C. Barker Acts 5:41
The First Crystallizings of Ecclesicastical InstitutionP.C. Barker Acts 6:1-6
Convincing Testimonies to the Force of the New FaithP.C. Barker Acts 6:7
The Logic of Heavenly LusterP.C. Barker Acts 6:15
The Recital of a Nation's Spiritual PedigreeP.C. Barker Acts 7:1-53
Marks of the Born ReformerP.C. Barker Acts 7:23-29
Rebuke, and the Ill Fruit that Comes of Lust Rebuke, RefusedP.C. Barker Acts 7:54
The Glory of the MartyrP.C. Barker Acts 7:55-60
Discordant Elements Obedient to the Accomplishing of One PurposeP.C. Barker Acts 8:1-4
New-Found JoyP.C. Barker Acts 8:8
The Type of One Stricken with Religion-BlindnessP.C. Barker Acts 8:9-24
A Life True to Light Led to the Light True to LifeP.C. Barker Acts 8:26-39
The One Question of ConversionP.C. Barker Acts 9:1-5
The Considerateness Era Love Already InfiniteP.C. Barker Acts 9:5
The Act of CapitulationP.C. Barker Acts 9:6
The Sequestrated SoulP.C. Barker Acts 9:9
The Sight that Jesus NotesP.C. Barker Acts 9:11
The Choice of Perfect ForgivingnessP.C. Barker Acts 9:15
Jesus' Far-Seeing Compassion Appearing in an Unexpected WayP.C. Barker Acts 9:16
A Parable in Things SpiritualP.C. Barker Acts 9:17-19
Amazement's OpportunityP.C. Barker Acts 9:21
The Beginning of Perils for PaulP.C. Barker Acts 9:25
An Ill Odor and its RemedyP.C. Barker Acts 9:26-30
History a SermonP.C. Barker Acts 9:31
One Specimen of Christian ActivityP.C. Barker Acts 9:32-35
The Emphatic Mark of Divine Approbation Which Christianity Puts Upon Womanly KindnessP.C. Barker Acts 9:36-43
Broadening FoundationsP.C. Barker Acts 10:1-48
A Model Church MeetingP.C. Barker Acts 11:18
The Surprises of the Grace of GodP.C. Barker Acts 11:23, 24
An Early Co-PastorateP.C. Barker Acts 11:25, 26
The Church in PrayerP.C. Barker Acts 12:5
One Instance of the Manner of Divine WorkingP.C. Barker Acts 12:6-17
Hollow Grandeur ExposedP.C. Barker Acts 12:21-23
An Ordination ServiceP.C. Barker Acts 13:1-5
Obstruction of the Truth Summarily Visited: the Blighter BlightedP.C. Barker Acts 13:11, 12
Another Faithful Sermon to the JewP.C. Barker Acts 13:14-41
Present Service, Promised SleepP.C. Barker Acts 13:36
The Clash of Two Worlds in ChristP.C. Barker Acts 13:42-52
Unexpected InterpretationsP.C. Barker Acts 13:46, 47
The Calm Force of the Gospel Amid Many Distractions of MenP.C. Barker Acts 14:1-7
Three Instances of FaithP.C. Barker Acts 14:8-18
Once was StonedP.C. Barker Acts 14:19, 20
The Return HomeP.C. Barker Acts 14:21-28
A Great DissensionP.C. Barker Acts 15:1-35
Symptoms More StartingP.C. Barker Acts 15:37-39
Apostolic Devotion OwnedP.C. Barker Acts 16:1-5
The Spirit's CourseP.C. Barker Acts 16:6-12
The Day that Looked Like the Day of Small ThingsP.C. Barker Acts 16:14, 15, 40
An Illustrious Triple Triumph of ChristianityP.C. Barker Acts 16:16-39
The Work of Three Sabbath DaysP.C. Barker Acts 17:2, 3
A Comparison Justly InvidiousP.C. Barker Acts 17:11, 12
The Gospel's Kindly Encounter with Novel FoesP.C. Barker Acts 17:23-32
Three Kinds of HearingP.C. Barker Acts 17:32-34
Tent-Making a SermonP.C. Barker Acts 18:3, 4
The Complement to Human Uncertainty Found in Divine FidelityP.C. Barker Acts 18:9-11
A Novel Instance of RetributionP.C. Barker Acts 18:12-17
The Opportunities Vouchsafed to FitnessP.C. Barker Acts 18:24-28
Baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and its SequelP.C. Barker Acts 19:2-7
The Shelter Awhile of Young ConvertsP.C. Barker Acts 19:9, 10
Special MiraclesP.C. Barker Acts 19:11, 12
The Prompt Exposure and Punishment of Human Iniquity by an Evil SpiritP.C. Barker Acts 19:13-17
Practical Evidence of Genuine RepentanceP.C. Barker Acts 19:18-20
A Typical Exhibition of Human NatureP.C. Barker Acts 19:23-41
The Seven Days' Halt At the Gateway Between Europe and AsiaP.C. Barker Acts 20:6-12
Mingled Fidelity and Tenderness: an Example for Christian MinistersP.C. Barker Acts 20:17-36
Sure Springs of AffectionP.C. Barker Acts 20:37, 38
Widening Streams of Christian LoveP.C. Barker Acts 21:5
A Tender Heart to a Strong ConscienceP.C. Barker Acts 21:13
A Biography of Honor, Written in a Name and Title OnlyP.C. Barker Acts 21:16
The Advocate of the GentilesP.C. Barker Acts 21:18-20
The Pastor and Elders of the Church not InfallibleP.C. Barker Acts 21:20-39
A Model Self-DefenseP.C. Barker Acts 22:1
The Testimony of Religious ExperienceP.C. Barker Acts 22:1-22
That Just OneP.C. Barker Acts 22:14
The Calling and the Gifts of GodP.C. Barker Acts 22:14, 15
Men's Past Sins Often the Unknown Determiners of Their Future LifeP.C. Barker Acts 22:18-21
A Threefold Example of True GreatnessP.C. Barker Acts 23:1-5
The Hope of the Living and the Resurrection of the DeadP.C. Barker Acts 23:6
The Sympathizing and Mindful MasterP.C. Barker Acts 23:11
The Indictment that was a Self-IndictmentP.C. Barker Acts 24:5
The Defense of PaulP.C. Barker Acts 24:10-21
The Confession of a Coherent Worship and FaithP.C. Barker Acts 24:14
A Hope Grown from a Deep Add Man Old RootP.C. Barker Acts 24:15
The Highest Powers Eluded by the Heart's SubterfugesP.C. Barker Acts 24:24, 25
Courage to LiveP.C. Barker Acts 25:10, 11
Spiritual DeprivationP.C. Barker Acts 25:19
The Conditions of Hearing to ProfitP.C. Barker Acts 26:3
The Hope of the PromiseP.C. Barker Acts 26:6-8
The Reckless Rushing to Assume the Moral Responsibilities of Others - an Exceeding MadnessP.C. Barker Acts 26:11
Christ's Own Stress Laid on Faith in a Personal ObjectP.C. Barker Acts 26:18
The Ascended Savior's Description of His Own Work Among MenP.C. Barker Acts 26:18
The Make of a Heavenly Vision, and its UseP.C. Barker Acts 26:19
The Mission and Burden of the EvangelistP.C. Barker Acts 26:20
A Good ConfessionP.C. Barker Acts 26:22, 23
A Threefold Illustration of the Irrepressible Energy of the TruthP.C. Barker Acts 26:24-32
An Unwilling Contribution to the TruthP.C. Barker Acts 26:24-26
A Mournful Almost, on a Light LipP.C. Barker Acts 26:28, 29
Secret AcquittalsP.C. Barker Acts 26:30-32
The Bad Man's Extremity, God Add the Good Man's OpportunityP.C. Barker Acts 27:20-25
A Glimpse At Human Nature and its Behavior in Three Varieties At One and the Same ConjunctureP.C. Barker Acts 27:30-32
An Unexpected Testimony to the Force of GoodnessP.C. Barker Acts 27:33-36
The Means Human, the Power DivineP.C. Barker Acts 27:42-44
A Strong Family LikenessP.C. Barker Acts 28:1-6
A Type of the Beneficent Action of ChristianityP.C. Barker Acts 28:7-10
A Week with BrethrenP.C. Barker Acts 28:14
Gratitude and Courage Well Linked TogetherP.C. Barker Acts 28:15
A Unique PrisonerP.C. Barker Acts 28:16-23
The Leading Results Following Upon PreachingP.C. Barker Acts 28:24
A Type and a Model of the Christian PreacherP.C. Barker Acts 28:30, 31
The Right Way of Obtaining and Maintaining Communion with GodM. Barker, M. A.1 John 1:5-10

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