Proverbs 28
Brenton's Septuagint Translation Par ▾ 

The Boldness of the Righteous

1The ungodly man flees when no one pursues: but the righteous is confident as a lion.

2By reason of the sins of ungodly men quarrels arise; but a wise man will quell them.

3A bold man oppresses the poor by ungodly deeds. As an impetuous and profitable rain,

4so they that forsake the law praise ungodliness; but they that love the law fortify themselves with a wall.

5Evil men will not understand judgement: but they that seek the Lord will understand everything.

6A poor man walking in truth is better than a rich liar.

7A wise son keeps the law: but he that keeps up debauchery dishonours his father.

8He that increases his wealth by usuries and unjust gains, gathers it for him that pities the poor.

9He that turns away his ear from hearing the law, even he has made his prayer abominable.

10He that causes upright men to err in an evil way, himself shall fall into destruction: transgressor also shall pass by prosperity, but shall not enter into it.

11A rich man is wise in his own conceit; but an intelligent poor man will condemn him.

12By reason of the help of righteous men great glory arises: but in the places of the ungodly men are caught.

13He that covers his own ungodliness shall not prosper: but he that blames himself shall be loved.

14Blessed is the man who religiously fears always: but the hard of heart shall fall into mischiefs.

15A hungry lion and a thirsty wolf is he, who, being poor, rules over a poor nation.

16A king in need of revenues is a great oppressor: but he that hates injustice shall live a long time.

17He that becomes surety for a man charged with murder shall be an exile, and not in safety. (28:17A) Chasten thy son, and he shall love thee, and give honour to thy soul: he shall not obey a sinful nation.

18He that walks justly is assisted: but he that walks in crooked ways shall be entangled therein.

19He that tills his own land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that follows idleness shall have plenty of poverty.

20A man worthy of credit shall be much blessed: but the wicked shall not be unpunished.

21He that reverences not the persons of the just is not good: such a one will sell a man for a morsel of bread.

22An envious man makes haste to be rich, and knows not that the merciful man will have the mastery over him.

23He that reproves a man's ways shall have more favour than he that flatters with the tongue.

24He that casts off father or mother, and thinks he sins not; the same is partaker with an ungodly man.

25An unbelieving man judges rashly: but he that trusts in the Lord will act carefully.

26He that trusts to a bold heart, such an one is a fool: but he that walks in wisdom shall be safe.

27He that gives to the poor shall not be in want: but he that turns away his eye from him shall be in great distress.

28In the places of ungodly men the righteous mourn: but in their destruction the righteous shall be multiplied.

The English translation of The Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1851)

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