Exodus 37
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Constructing the Ark

1(38:1) And Beseleel made the ark, 2(38:2) and overlaid it with pure gold within and without; 3(38:3) and he cast for it four golden rings, two on the one side, and two on the other, 4(OMITTED TEXT) 5(38:4) wide enough for the staves, so that men should bear the ark with them.

The Mercy Seat

6(38:5) And he made the propitiatory over the ark of pure gold, 7(38:6) and the two cherubs of gold; 8(38:7) one cherub on the one end of the propitiatory, and another cherub on the other end of the propitiatory, 9(38:8) overshadowing the propitiatory with their wings.

The Table of Showbread

10(38:9) And he made the set table of pure gold, 11(OMITTED TEXT) 12(OMITTED TEXT) 13(38:10) and cast for it four rings: two on the one side and two on the other side, broad, so that men should lift it with the staves in them. 14(OMITTED TEXT) 15(38:11) And he made the staves of the ark and of the table, and gilded them with gold. 16(38:12) And he made the furniture of the table, both the dishes, and the censers, and the cups, and the bowls with which he should offer drink-offerings, of gold.

The Lampstand

17(38:13) And he made the candlestick which gives light, of gold; 18(38:14) the stem solid, and the branches from both its sides; 19(38:15) and blossoms proceeding from its branches, three on this side, and three on the other, made equal to each other. 20(OMITTED TEXT) 21(38:16) And as to their lamps, which are on the ends, knops proceeded from them; and sockets proceeding from them, that the lamps might be upon them; and the seventh socket, on the top of the candlestick, on the summit above, entirely of solid gold. 22(OMITTED TEXT) 23(38:17) And on the candlestick seven golden lamps, and its snuffers gold, and its funnels gold. 24(OMITTED TEXT)

The Altar of Incense

25(OMITTED TEXT) 26(OMITTED TEXT) 27(OMITTED TEXT) 28(OMITTED TEXT) 29(38:25) He made the holy anointing oil and the composition of the incense, the pure work of the perfumer.

The English translation of The Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1851)

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