Revelation 12
Orthodox Jewish Bible
1 And an ot gadol (miraculous sign) was seen in Shomayim, an ISHA (BERESHIS 3:15) having been clothed with the shemesh (sun), and the levanah (moon) underneath the feet of her, and on the rosh of her an atarah (diadem) of kokhavim (stars) numbering Shneym Asar (Twelve), [BERESHIS 37:9] 2 And in her womb having a YELED (CHILD, Moshiach, YESHAYAH 9:5), and she cries out, suffering CHEVLEI and being in pain to give birth. [YESHAYAH 26:17]

3 And another ot (miraculous sign) was seen in Shomayim. And, hinei, a great red Dragon NACHASH (BERESHIS 3:1), having sheva (seven) heads and eser (ten) horns, and on the heads of it sheva (seven) ketarim (crowns) [Dan 7:7,20]. 4 And the tail of him drags down a third of the kokhavim (stars) of Shomayim and threw them to ha'aretz (the earth), and the Dragon NACHASH was standing before the ISHA (Woman) who was about to give birth, that when she gives birth to the YELED (CHILD, Moshiach, YESHAYAH 9:5[6]) of her, he might devour the YELED. [DANIEL 8:10]

5 And she gave birth to a BEN (SON, Moshiach, YESHAYAH 9:5[6]), a zachar (male), who is about to shepherd all the Goyim (Nations) with a shevet barzel (scepter of iron, Ps 2:9), and the YELED of the ISHA was snatched up to Hashem and to his Kes (Throne). 6 And the ISHA fled into the wilderness, where she has there a place having been prepared by Hashem, that there she can be nourished a thousand two hundred and sixty yamim (days).

7 And there was milchamah (war) in Shomayim, Mikha'el and the malachim of him fought against the Dragon NACHASH; and the Dragon NACHASH and his malachim fought back. 8 But the Dragon NACHASH was not strong enough nor was any place found for them any longer in Shomayim. 9 And the great Dragon, that NACHASH HaKadmoni (Ancient Serpent) was thrown down, the one being called the Malshin (Informer, Accuser) and Hasatan, the one deceiving the whole inhabited world. He was thrown to ha'aretz (the earth) and the malachim of him were thrown down with him [BERESHIS 3:1-7] 10 And I heard a kol gadol (loud voice) in Shomayim, saying, " Now has come the Yeshu'at Eloheinu and the Gevurah (Power) and the Malchut of Hashem Eloheinu and the memshalah (government) of his Moshiach, because the Malshin who is the accuser of our Achim b'Moshiach, the one accusing them before Hashem yomam valailah (day and night) was thrown down [IYOV 1:9-11; ZECHARYAH 3:1] 11 And they won the nitzachon (victory) over the Dragon NACHASH because of the dahm of the SEH (Lamb, SHEMOT 12:22-23; YESHAYAH 53:7, Moshiach) and because of the dvar of the eidushaft (testimony) of them and because they did not have ahavah for their neshamot unto Mavet and were willing to die al kiddush ha-Shem. 12 Therefore be glad, Shomayim, and the ones whose mishkan is there, but oy to ha'aretz (the earth) and to hayam (the sea), because Hasatan came down to you, having great ka'as (anger), having da'as that his time is short. [TEHILLIM 96:11; YESHAYAH 44:23; 49:13]

13 And when the Dragon NACHASH saw that he was thrown down to ha'aretz, he brought redifah (persecution) on the ISHA who gave birth to the zachar. 14 And two wings of the Nesher hagadom (great Eagle) were given to the ISHA that she might fly to her place in the midbar, where she is nourished there for a time and times and half a time, away from the presence of the NACHASH (Serpent) . [SHEMOT 19:4; DANIEL 7:25; 12:7] 15 And the NACHASH spewed mayim (water) after the ISHA from its mouth as a river, that he might make her carried away by a river. 16 And ha'aretz (the earth) aided the ISHA and ha'aretz opened its mouth and swallowed the river which the Dragon NACHASH spewed out of its mouth. 17 (18) And the Dragon NACHASH had great ka'as (anger) at the ISHA and went away to make milchamah with the rest of her ZERA (seed, BERESHIS 3:15, YESHAYAH 53:10), the ones keeping the mitzvot of Hashem and having the eidus (testimony, SEE EIDUS , EDUS, EDUT, P.669 TRANSLITERATED VARIOUSLY IN THE OJB, ALSO EIDUSHAFT) of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach. (18) And then the Dragon NACHASH took his stand on the seashore sand of the yam (sea). T.N. CHAPTER 13 COULD BE TITLED: THE NUREMBERG RALLIES OF THE LITTLE MOUTH OF THE LITTLE HORN (DANIEL 7:8) WHO IS THE CHAYYAH (BEAST, ANTI-MOSHIACH)

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