Psalm 2
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1Why have nations assembled tumultuously? And peoples meditate vanity?

2Kings of the earth station themselves, and princes have been united together, against YHWH, and against His Messiah:

3“Let us draw off Their cords, || And cast Their thick bands from us.”

4He who is sitting in the heavens laughs, || The Lord mocks at them.

5Then He speaks to them in His anger, and in His wrath He troubles them:

6“And I have anointed My King, || On Zion—My holy hill.”

7I declare concerning a statute: YHWH said to me, “You [are] My Son, today I have brought You forth.

8Ask of Me and I give nations [as] Your inheritance, || And the ends of the earth [for] Your possession.

9You rule them with a scepter of iron, || You crush them as a vessel of a potter.”

10And now, O kings, act wisely, || Be instructed, O judges of earth,

11Serve YHWH with fear, || And rejoice with trembling.

12Kiss the Chosen One [[or Son]], lest He is angry, || And you perish [from] the way, || When His anger burns but a little, || O the blessedness of all trusting in Him!

Literal Standard Version
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