Proverbs 21
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1The heart of a king [is] streams of waters in the hand of YHWH, "" He inclines it wherever He pleases.

2Every way of a man [is] right in his own eyes, "" And YHWH is pondering hearts.

3To do righteousness and judgment, "" Is chosen of YHWH rather than sacrifice.

4Loftiness of eyes, and breadth of heart, "" Tillage of the wicked [is] sin.

5The purposes of the diligent [are] only to advantage, "" And of every hasty one, only to want.

6The making of treasures by a lying tongue, "" [Is] a vanity driven away of those seeking death.

7The spoil of the wicked catches them, "" Because they have refused to do judgment.

8The way of a man who is vile [is] contrary, "" And the pure—his work [is] upright.

9Better to sit on a corner of the roof, "" Than [with] a woman of contentions and a house of company.

10The soul of the wicked has desired evil, his neighbor is not gracious in his eyes.

11When the scorner is punished, the simple becomes wise, "" And in giving understanding to the wise He receives knowledge.

12The Righteous One is acting wisely "" Toward the house of the wicked, "" He is overthrowing the wicked for wickedness.

13Whoever is shutting his ear from the cry of the poor, "" He also cries, and is not answered.

14A gift in secret pacifies anger, "" And a bribe in the bosom—strong fury.

15To do justice [is] joy to the righteous, "" But ruin to workers of iniquity.

16A man who is wandering from the way of understanding, "" Rests in an assembly of Rephaim.

17Whoever [is] loving mirth [is] a poor man, "" Whoever is loving wine and oil makes no wealth.

18The wicked [is] an atonement for the righteous, "" And the treacherous dealer for the upright.

19Better to dwell in a wilderness land, "" Than [with] a woman of contentions and anger.

20A treasure to be desired, and oil, "" [Is] in the habitation of the wise, "" And a foolish man swallows it up.

21Whoever is pursuing righteousness and kindness, "" Finds life, righteousness, and honor.

22The wise has gone up a city of the mighty, "" And brings down the strength of its confidence.

23Whoever is keeping his mouth and his tongue, "" Is keeping his soul from adversities.

24Proud, haughty, scorner—his name, "" Who is working in the wrath of pride.

25The desire of the slothful slays him, "" For his hands have refused to work.

26All the day desiring he has desired, "" And the righteous gives and does not withhold.

27The sacrifice of the wicked [is] abomination, "" Much more when he brings it in wickedness.

28A false witness perishes, "" And an attentive man speaks forever.

29A wicked man has hardened by his face, "" And the upright—he prepares his way.

30There is no wisdom, nor understanding, "" Nor counsel against YHWH.

31A horse is prepared for a day of battle, "" And the deliverance [is] of YHWH!

Literal Standard Version
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