Proverbs 15
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1A soft word turns away anger and a hard word arouses wrath.

2The tongue of wisdom adorns knowledge, and the mouth of fools vomits a curse.

3The eyes of LORD JEHOVAH are in every place, gazing on the good and on the evil.

4The tree of life is the healing of the tongue, and he that eats its fruit will be filled by it.

5A fool mocks at the instruction of his father and he that is smart keeps reproof.

6In the house of the righteous is much power, and the produce of the evil will be destroyed.

7The lips of the wise speak knowledge and the hearts of fools are unrighteous.

8LORD JEHOVAH despises the sacrifices of the evil and his pleasure is in the prayer of the upright.

9LORD JEHOVAH despises the way of the evil and he shows mercy to him who practices righteousness.

10The instruction of those who do not know evil is revealed, and those who hate reproof will die.

11Sheol and destruction are in front of LORD JEHOVAH, and also the hearts of the children of men.

12The evil one does not love him that rebukes him, and he does not walk with the wise.

13A glad heart improves the body and the depressed heart saddens the spirit.

14The heart of the righteous seeks knowledge, and the mouth of the evil speaks evil things.

15All the days of the poor are poor, and the sweet are always calm.

16To worship LORD JEHOVAH a little is better than the great treasures of the evil.

17Better is a meal of vegetables and the love of The Name, than Fattened oxen with hatred.

18An angry man provokes a brawl, and the patient man reproves a dispute, extinguishing it.

19The ways of the lazy are filled with sorrows and the ways of the upright are clear.

20A wise son gladdens his father and a foolish son is the shame of his mother.

21A foolish man is lacking heart and an understanding man walks justly.

22Those who honor the assembly bypass reasoning, and by the multitude of advisers advice is established.

23The word of his mouth is joy to a man, and it is good for him that speaks in his time.

24The Way of Life is an ascent to the understanding one, to turn away from Sheol beneath.

25LORD JEHOVAH breaks down the house of the proud and he strengthens the border of the widows.

26Evil ideas are detestable before LORD JEHOVAH, and pure words are sweet.

27He that accepts a bribe destroys his soul and he that hates taking a bribe has Life.

28The heart of the righteous meditates upon the faith, and the mouth of the evils speaks evil things.

29LORD JEHOVAH is far from the evil ones and he hears the prayer of the righteous.

30The light of the eyes gladdens the heart, and the good heart fattens the bones.

31The ear that hears the reproof of life will lodge among the wise.

32The one that detests discipline hates his soul and the one that hears correction possesses wisdom.

33The awe of LORD JEHOVAH is the instruction of life and the glory of the meek one goes before him.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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