Isaiah 66
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1Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “Heaven is my throne and Earth the footstool of my feet. What is the house that you are building for me, or what is the place of my rest?

2All these things my hand has made and these are all mine, says LORD JEHOVAH. And in whom shall I look and shall I dwell, except in the quiet one and in the humble of spirit who trembles from my word?

3He who slaughters a bull is as if he were one killing a man; he who sacrifices a lamb as if he were one killing a dog; he who offers a meal offering as if the blood of pigs; he who offers frankincense as if he were he who blesses idols. Also, they are nurtured in their ways, and their soul delighted in their idols

4Also I shall take pleasure in their disgrace and I shall pay them their works, because I called and there is none who answered, and I have spoken and they did not listen, and they have done what is evil before me, and they chose the thing that I have not desired

5Hear the answer of LORD JEHOVAH, those who tremble from his word: “Say to your brethren your haters who despise you because of my name: ‘Let LORD JEHOVAH be praised!”, and he will rejoice in your joy and they shall be ashamed

6The sound of trouble from the city and a voice from the temple; the voice of LORD JEHOVAH who pays a reward to his enemies

7Before she shall be in labor she gives birth, and before her labor pains will arrive she shall bring forth a male

8Who has heard such as this and who sees things such as these? The Earth is in labor in one day and a people is born in one moment, because she was in labor and Zion bore her children

9Have I given this expectation and am I not begetting, says LORD JEHOVAH? Has it not been I who am bringing forth and restraining, says your God?

10Rejoice in Jerusalem and leap for joy in it, all her friends! Be delighted, his people, in sweetness, all who have been in mourning over her!

11And you shall suckle and you shall be satisfied from the breast of her comfort, and you shall suckle and you shall luxuriate from the strength of her honor

12Because thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “Behold, I pour upon her peace like a river, and like the torrent that overflows. You shall suck the glory of the Gentiles and you shall be carried on cradles and you shall be raised upon the knees

13As a man who is comforted by his mother, in this way I shall comfort you, and in Jerusalem you shall be comforted

14And you shall see and your heart shall rejoice and your bones shall thrive as new grass, and the hand of LORD JEHOVAH shall be known on his Servants, and it shall destroy his enemies

15Because, behold, LORD JEHOVAH comes in fire, and his chariot like a hurricane, that he shall return in the heat of his passion and the rebuke of flames of fire

16Because LORD JEHOVAH judges in fire, and he proves everybody in it, and the slain of LORD JEHOVAH shall be multiplied

17Those who hallow themselves and purify themselves in gardens, one after another in the midst, and eat meat of pigs and vermin and the mouse shall be consumed as one, says LORD JEHOVAH

18And I know their works and their thoughts when I have come to gather all the nations and tongues. And they shall come and they shall see my glory 19And I shall set among them a sign and I shall send some of the saved ones to the nations, to Tarshish and to Pul and to Lud, who draw a bow, and to Tubil and to Yavan and to the distant islands who have not heard my name and have not seen my glory, and they shall show my glory among the Gentiles 20And they shall bring all of your brethren from all of the nations as an offering to LORD JEHOVAH, on horses and in chariots and in Roman two horse chariots to the mountain of my holiness in Jerusalem, says LORD JEHOVAH, as the children of Israel bring a meal offering in a pure vessel to the house of LORD JEHOVAH 21Also I shall take some of them for Priests and for Levites, says LORD JEHOVAH

22As the New Heavens and New Earth that I make, that remain before me, says LORD JEHOVAH, so your seed and your name shall be established

23And it shall be from the time of month to month and from the time of Sabbath to Sabbath, everybody shall come to worship before me, says LORD JEHOVAH

24And they shall come out and they shall see the corpses of the men, they who have done evil against me, for their worm does not die and their fire is not put out, and they shall be a wonder to everybody.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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