Isaiah 14
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1Because LORD JEHOVAH has compassion on Yaqob and takes pleasure again in Israel, and he shall release them into their land, and settlers shall accompany them, and they are added to those of the house of Yaqob 2And the Gentiles shall lead them and they shall bring them to their land, and they shall possess them of the house Israel in the land of LORD JEHOVAH, and they shall be capturing their captors for male Servants and for female Servants, and they shall rule over their Masters

3And it shall be in the day that LORD JEHOVAH will give you rest from your sorrow and from your anger and from the hard bondage that you served

4You shall bear this parable to the King of Babel and you shall say: “How the Ruler has ceased and the Zealot has ended!

5LORD JEHOVAH has broken the staff of the wicked and the rod of the Prince

6Who was striking the nations in anger with a plague without instruction, and was chastising the nations with passion and pursued them without pity

7All the Earth is at rest and quiet and dances with singing

8Also the cypresses and the cedars of Lebanon rejoiced for you: ‘From the time when you lay down they have not come up upon us to cut’

9Sheol from beneath is bitterly provoked at your entering. She has awakened the giants against you and all the Rulers of the Earth, for she raised up from their thrones all the Kings of the nations

10They shall answer and they shall say to you: ‘Are you also weakened like us, and were you handed over with us?’

11And your honor has gone down to Sheol and your harp is dead under you; the high place shall be laid low and the worms shall cover you

12How you have fallen from Heaven! Wail at dawn! You are fallen into the ground, Infamous One of the nations!

13You have said in your heart: ‘I shall ascend to Heaven, and higher than the stars of God I shall lift my throne, and I shall sit in the high mountain that is in the slopes of the North!

14And I shall ascend above the height of the clouds and I shall be like The Highest’

15Therefore, to Sheol you shall descend, to the bottom of the pit

16Everyone who looks upon you shall gaze and they shall recognize you and they shall say: ‘This is the man who had enraged the Earth and shook kingdoms!

17And he laid waste to the world as a wilderness, and he has ruined the cities and he did not release his prisoners’

18All Kings of the nations have fallen asleep in honor, each man in his house

19And you were cast from your grave as a shoot rejected by the garments of the slain who were killed by the sword, that go down into the stones of the pit, like corpses trodden down

20And you shall not rejoice with them in the grave, because you destroyed your land and you have killed your people. The evil seed shall never rise

21Prepare slaughter for his children by the evil of their fathers, lest they arise and possess the Earth, and they fill the face of the world with war

22I shall arise against them, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, and I shall destroy the name of Babel and his seed and his family and his generation, says LORD JEHOVAH 23And I shall make it an inheritance for owls and pools of waters, and I shall gather it with a broom of destruction, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts

24LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts has sworn and said, “According to what I thought, thus it shall be, and as I purposed, it shall be established 25For I shall break the Assyrian in my land and upon my mountains I shall trample him, and his yoke shall pass from them and his oppression shall depart from their shoulders 26This is the purpose that I purposed on all the Earth, and this is the hand that is lifted up against all of the nations 27LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts is determined, who is going to nullify? And his hand is raised, who is going to turn it back?”

28The burden of Palestine: in the year that Akhaz the King died was this burden:

29“You shall not rejoice, because the rod of him who oppressed you has been broken, all of you Palestine, because from the germination of a serpent a viper went out, and its fruit, a flying dragon

30And the first born of the poor and afflicted shall feed in quietness; they shall lie down, and I shall kill your root with famine, and what is left of you shall be killed

31Howl, Oh city! Cry, oh city! All Palestine is troubled because smoke came from the North and there is not a solitary son in its feasts!

32And what will he answer the Messenger of the nations? “LORD JEHOVAH repairs the foundations of Zion and the afflicted of his people shall take refuge in it”

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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