Ezekiel 21
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1And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon me, saying: 2“Son of man, set your face toward Jerusalem, and gaze at their holy places, and prophesy against the land of Israel 3And say to the land of Israel: ’Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS, behold, I am against you, and I shall bring out my sword from its sheath and I shall destroy from you the righteous and the sinner 4And because I have destroyed from you righteous and sinner, therefore my sword shall go out from its sheath against everybody from the south, and unto the north 5And everybody shall know that I, LORD JEHOVAH, have brought out my sword from its sheath, and it shall not return again 6But you, son of man, lament in the breaking of the loins, and in bitterness, wail in their sight 7And if they say to you: ‘Why are you wailing?’, say to them, ‘Because a report has come and all hearts are melted and all hands are feeble and all spirits are in pain and all knees flow like waters; behold, it has come, and it is, says THE LORD OF LORDS

8And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon me, saying:

9“Son of man, prophesy, and say, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: ‘A sword, a sword is sharpened!

10And it is prepared that it will kill the slain. It is sharpened that it shines and is ready to break off the generation of my Son, and despises every tree

11And he gave it for readiness and to be seized by the hand, because the sword is sharpened and prepared to deliver into the hand of a killer 12Cry out and wail, son of man, because it is against my people and against all the Rulers of Israel! 13Clap hands, because this is justified, and if the generation is rejected, it will not be, says THE LORD OF LORDS!

14But you, son of man, prophesy and clap hands, hand on hand, and sword shall be doubled with sword, it is a third of the slain and the sword of the slain, for great is he who shakes them! 15That their heart will be broken and sorrows be multiplied in all their gates, I have delivered them the sword that is sharpened, and shining, and ready for slaughter 16Grasp firmly my right hand and grasp firmly my left hand, to the place that my face is prepared 17Also I shall clap hands, my hand on my hand, and I shall make my wrath rest. I, LORD JEHOVAH, have spoken!

18And the answer of LORD JEHOVAH was upon me, saying: 19But, you, son of man, make for yourself two roads that the sword of the King of Babel may come, and both of them shall go out from the one land, and she who is chosen on the beginning of the road of the chosen city 20And make a road that the sword may come against Rabbath of the children of Amon, and against Yehuda, and against the mighty Jerusalem 21Because the King of Babel stands at the beginning of the road that divides the roads. To divine an oracle, he shoots an arrow and he inquires of the idol. He looks at his glory 22And at his right hand was an oracle against Jerusalem, that he would lay wait against it in an ambush, and would open his mouth in his strength, and he will raise his voice with shouting, and he will place a heap against its gates, and he will set an ambush and he will build watchtowers 23And it shall be to them as a worthless oracle before their eyes, and he shall remember the evil, and it shall be taken captive

24Because of this, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: “Because your evils were remembered in the captivity of your sins which you sinned, and you have seen your sins and all your strategies by which you were seized 25But you, great defiled sinner of Israel, ‘Your day has arrived, and the time of your evil, and your end 26Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: take the turban from you, and I shall relieve from you the crown. I shall lift up the lowly and I shall humble the high 27Also I shall make this for evil and for deceit, until he will come whose is the judgment, and I shall hand it over to him

28But you, son of man, prophesy and say: “Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS, concerning the children of Amon and concerning their shame, and say, ‘A sword, a sword, which is prepared for slaughter, and it is sharpened and flashing! 29Because your vision is worthless and because your divination is false, to put you on the necks of evil sinners, because their day has arrived, and the time of their evils and their end 30Be brought into your sheath in the place where you were born, and there I shall judge you 31And I shall pour upon you my passion, and in the fire of my anger I shall blow on you, and I shall deliver you into the hand of cruel men that work destruction 32And you shall be fuel for fire, and your blood shall be within the land, and you shall not be remembered, because I, LORD JEHOVAH, have spoken”

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