Esther 5
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1And on the third day Esthir wore the clothing of the kingdom, and she stood in the inner court of the house of the King, next to the house of the King, and the King was sitting on the throne of the Kingdom, next to the door of the house. 2And when the King saw Esthir the Queen standing in the court, she also received favor before him, and the King reached toward Esthir the scepter of gold which was in his hand, and Esthir came near and she held to the top of the scepter of gold. 3And the King said to her: “What do you have, Queen Esthir, and what is your request? Unto the half of my kingdom shall be given to you!” 4And Esthir said: “If it is good unto the King, let the King and Haman come to the banquet that I have made for him.”

5And the King said: “Quickly, see Haman. He shall do according to what Esthir said!” And the King and Haman came to the banquet. 6And the King said to Esthir at the banquet of wine: “What is your request? It shall be given to you, and what is your request? Unto the half of the kingdom it shall be given to you!” 7And Esthir answered and she said: “My request and my petition, 8If I have found affection in your eyes, oh King, and if it is beautiful unto you oh King, that you give me my request and you will perform for me my request, the King and Haman will come to the banquet that I shall make for them tomorrow, according to the answer of the King.”

9And Haman went out on that first day, and he was merry in his heart, and when Haman saw Murdacai who sat in the gate of the King, and he did not arise, and he was not moved by him, Haman was filled with anger against Murdacai. 10And Haman was enraged, and he went on to his house, and he sent out, and all his friends came, and Zaresh his wife. 11And Haman related to them the glory of his wealth and the multitude of his children, and that the King had promoted him and had raised him over the Princes and over all the Servants of the King. 12And Haman said: “And Esthir brought no man with the King except me, also tomorrow I am invited by her with the King. 13And all this is not enough for me every time that I see Murdacai the Jew sitting in the gate of the King without moving before me. 14And Zaresh his wife said to him and all his friends: “Let them make a cross whose height is fifty cubits, and at dawn speak to the King, and they shall hang Murdacai upon it, and enter the banquet with the King as you are rejoicing!” And the matter was very pleasing in his eyes of Haman, and he made the cross.

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