Esther 6
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1And in that night the sleep of the King fled away, and he said to bring the Scroll of the Records of the Words of Days, and the Readers were reading before the King. 2And it was found that it was written that Murdacai had revealed concerning Begthan and Teresh, the two Eunuchs of the King, the Guards of the gate, who attempted to stretch their hands against King Akhashiresh. 3And the King said: “What honor and greatness has been conferred on Murdacai because of this?” His Servants said to The King and his Ministers: “Nothing has been done for him.” 4And the King said: “Who is in the court?” And Haman came to the house of the King to the outer courtyard to say to the King that he would hang Murdacai on the cross that he had constructed for him. 5And his young men were saying to the King: “Behold, Haman is standing in the court.” And the King said: “Let him enter!” 6And Haman came in, and the King said to him: “What ought to be done to the man in whose honor the King is delighted?” And Haman said in his heart, “Whose honor is the King delighted to do more than mine?” 7And Haman said to the King: “For the man in whose honor the King is delighted 8They shall bring the garments of the kingdom that the King wears, and the horse on which the King rides, as you shall set the crown of the kingdom on his head. 9And the clothing and the horse shall be given to one of the free Parthians of the King, and he shall clothe the man in whose honor the King is delighted, and he shall mount him on the horse, and he shall take him around in the streets and they shall call before him: “Thus it shall be done to the man in whose honor the King is delighted!”

10And the King said to Haman: “Quickly take the clothing and take the horse as you said, and do thus to Murdacai the Jew who sits at the gate of the King, and you shall not subtract a word from anything that you said!” 11And Haman took the clothing and he took the horse and he clothed Murdacai, and he went around in the streets of the city, and he called before him: “Thus it shall be done for the man in whose honor the King is delighted!”

12And Murdacai came to the gate of the King, and Haman went to his house wailing and covering his head. 13And Haman related to Zaresh his wife everything that had happened to him, and his friends and Zaresh his wife were saying to him: “Surely Murdacai is of the seed of the Jews and you have begun to fall before him, for you are no match for his power, but again you are falling before him!”

14And when he was speaking with them, the Runners of the King arrived, and they hastened Haman to the banquet that Esthir had made.

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