Esther 7
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1And the King and Haman entered the banquet that Esthir the Queen had made. 2And the King said to Esthir also on that day of the banquet of wine: “What is your request and your supplication? Unto the half of my kingdom, it shall be done for you!” 3And Esthir answered and she said: “If I have found mercy in your eyes, oh King, and if it is good unto the King, let my life be given at my request, and my people at my request! 4Because we have been sold, I and my people, for slaughter, and for the sword and to destruction, and if it is that we would be purchased and we were sold as Servants and Maids, I would have been quiet, but the enemy does not cease to do harm to the King!” 5And the King Akhashiresh answered and said to Esthir the Queen: “Who is this or who is it who has exalted his heart that he has done so?” 6And Esthir said: “The man, the oppressor and the enemy is this evil Haman!” And Haman was shaking before the King and the Queen.

7And the King arose in his anger from the banquet of wine to go out to the garden of the palace, and Haman arose that he would beg for his life from Esthir the Queen, because he saw that evil was determined against him by the King. 8And the King returned from garden house to the house of the banquet of wine, and Haman lay on the couch and Esthir sat upon it, and the King said: “Disgracing the Queen with me in the house?!” and The word proceeded from the mouth of the King and the face of Haman was covered over. 9And Rakhbuna one of the Eunuchs of the King answered and said before the King: “Behold, Haman has also constructed a cross to hang Murdacai upon it, because he spoke good for the King, and it stands in the house of Haman! Its height is fifty cubits!” And the King said: “Hang him on it!” 10And they hanged Haman on the cross that he constructed for Murdacai, and the wrath of the King was put to rest in that day.

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