Esther 8
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1And King Akhashiresh gave to Esthir the Queen the house of Haman the enemy of the Jews, and Murdacai entered before the King, because Esthir had revealed what he was to her. 2And the King picked up the ring that he took from Haman and he gave it to Murdacai, and Esthir appointed Murdacai over the house of Haman.

3And Esthir returned and spoke before the King, and she fell before his feet, and she was begging and was making supplication to him that he would remove the evil of Haman the Aggagite and the plot that was determined against the Jews. 4And the King reached the scepter of gold toward Esthir, and Esthir came near to him. 5And she stood before the King, and she said: “If it is good unto the King, and the matter is pleasing before the King, and if I have found favor in his eyes, let him write and let him reverse the letters and the plots of Haman the Aggagite that he wrote to destroy all the Jews in all the provinces of the King. 6For how can I look at the evil that will happen to my people, and how can I watch the destruction of my nation?”

7And King Akhashiresh said to Esthir the Queen: “Behold, I have given you the house of Haman, and him they have hanged on a cross, because he reached a hand against the Jews

8And according to what is excellent in your eyes in the name of the King, you seal for the Jews with the signet ring of the King in a writing that is written in the name of the King and is sealed with the ring of the King that does not change.”

9And the Scribes of the King were called at that time in the third month which is Kheziran, on the twenty third of the month, and they wrote everything that Murdacai wrote about the Jews to the Generals of the armies and to the Lords and to the Nobles of the provinces, from India and unto Cush, a hundred and twenty and seven provinces, each city according to its writing, and the people according to its language, and to the Jews according to their writing and according to their language. 10And they were written in the name of King Akhashiresh, and they were sealed with the signet ring of the King, and he sent the letters by Runners and by Post Messengers, Horse Riders on young male mules. 11The letters that the King wrote for the Jews who were in every city, to assemble and to stand up for their lives and to use the sword and to kill and to destroy everyone who distresses them, and the children and the women and their property were for spoil 12In one day in all of the towns of King Akhashiresh, on the thirteenth of the twelfth month which is Adar. 13And a copy of the writing was given to every town and he commanded all the peoples that the Jews would be prepared for this day to avenge themselves of their enemies. 14And the Runners and the Post Messengers, the Horse Riders came, and they went out speedily with the message and with the order that was ordered in Shushan the Palace.

15And Murdacai went out from before the King in the garments of the kingdom of blue fringes and fine linen and with a crown of gold, and wrapped in fine white linen and in purple, and the city Shushan danced and rejoiced. 16And upon the Jews was light and joy and honor and dancing. 17In all the city and in all the villages wherever the message of the King and his commandment arrived the Jews had great joy and drinking and a fine day, and many of the peoples of the Earth were moved to regret, because the fear of the Jews had fallen upon them.

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