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1And in the twelfth month which is Adar, on the thirteenth when the time of the account of the King and his command to be done to their enemies arrived, the act was changed so that the Jews would be authorized over their haters. 2And the Jews assembled in their cities and in all the cities of King Akhashiresh, to reach a hand against the workers of their harm, and no man stood before them, because a fear of them had fallen on all the nations. 3And all the Princes of the cities and the Generals of the armies and the Lords and the workers of the of the King’s work honored the Jews, because the fear of the King had fallen upon them. 4For Murdacai was great in the presence of the King, and his name was going into all kingdoms, because the man Murdacai was advancing and becoming great. 5And the Jews struck a blow of the sword and of slaughter and of destruction at all their enemies, and they did according to their will with their haters. 6In Shushan the Palace the Jews killed five hundred men. 7And Shephiruth and Delkun and Asputh 8And Parlat and Delaia and Deira 9And Pisuth and Disi and Adri and Zuth 10The ten sons of Haman the Aggagite, the enemy of the Jews, they killed, and they did not stretch forth their hands that day for plunder.

11And the number of the slain in Shushan the Palace came in before the King.

12And he said to Esthir the Queen in Shushan the Palace: “The Jews killed and destroyed five hundred men, and the ten sons of Haman, and in the rest of the towns what have they done? What is your request? It shall be done for you, and what is your request? It will be given to you!” 13And Esthir said: “Let it be given to the Jews to do tomorrow as today, and they shall hang the ten sons of Haman on crosses. 14And the King said: “They shall do so.” And the commandment was commanded in Shushan, and the ten sons of Haman they hanged on crosses. 15And the Jews who were in Shushan assembled also on the fourteenth of the month and killed three hundred men in Shushan, and they did not stretch forth their hands for the plunder.

16And the rest of the Jews who were in the provinces of the King were assembled, and they stood for their lives and were given rest from their enemies, and they killed seventy and five thousand of their haters, and they did not stretch forth their hands for the spoils 17On the thirteenth of the month Adar, and they were given rest on the fourteenth of the month

18And they made it a day of banqueting and of joy. 19Because of this, the outcast Jews, the scattered dwellers of towns, make merriment and feasting and a fine day on the fourteenth of Adar, and they send portions, each man to his neighbor.

20And Murdacai wrote these words and he sent letters to all the Jews in all of the cities of King Akhashiresh which were near and which were far away 21That they would take upon themselves to be practicing this on the fourteenth and at full moon in Adar every year by year . 22Like the days in which the Jews were given rest from their enemies, the month that was changed from misery to joy, and from grieving to an excellent day, that they would make them days of drinking and of joy and that they would send portions, each man to his neighbor, and gifts to the afflicted.

23And the Jews took upon themselves that which they began to do, and the thing that Murdacai had written 24Because of Haman, son of Hammadath the Aggagite, the enemy of all of the Jews, who plotted against the Jews to destroy them, and cast lots that he would destroy them. 25And when Esthir was entering before the King, the Scribe was saying: “The evil scheme shall return on the head of him who plotted against the Jews, and they shall hang him and his children on the gallows!” 26Because of this they called those days Puraya with the name of Passover, because of the words of this letter, and because of what they saw and for what had happened to them. 27And the Jews took upon them and upon their seed and upon everyone who is joined to them that without fail they would be performing these two days, according to what things are written, at their time every year. 28And these days are remembered and observed in all generations and the cities and the towns, and these days of Puraya shall not pass away from among the Jews, and their memorial shall not pass away from their seed.

29And Esthir the queen, daughter of Abikhel and Murdacai the Jews, wrote all the truths that would confirm this letter of Puraya. 30And they sent the letters to all the Jews, to the hundred and twenty and seven provinces which are in the kingdom of King Akhshiresh, words of truth and of peace 31To confirm these days of Puraya at their time, according to when Murdacai the Jew and Esthir the Queen established for them, as when they established for them and for their children the commandment and their fasting and their prayer. 32And the word of Esthir established concerning these words of Puraya, and it was written in the scroll.

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