Daniel 6
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1And it was pleasing before Darius and he raised up in his kingdom a hundred and twenty Generals of the armies, that they would be over all his kingdom 2And the three had authority higher than they, and Daniel was one of them, so that the Generals of the Army would be giving an account to them, and they would not be annoying the King 3Then Daniel excelled over all of them, because an above and beyond spirit was in him, and the King considered to set him up over all his kingdom 4Then the Rulers and the Generals of the Armies were seeking a pretext so that they would find something from the affairs of the kingdom against Daniel, and they found no offense or occasion against him, because he was faithful to his God, and they found no fault or folly concerning him 5And those men were saying: “We will not find a pretext against this Daniel unless we find against him in the judgment of his God

6Then the Rulers and Generals of the Armies approached the King and they were saying to him: “King Darius, live to eternity! 7All the Rulers of the kingdom and the Princes and the Generals of the Armies and the Lords have taken counsel to establish a covenant for the King and fasten the bonds of every man who will make a request of any god or man during thirty days, except only from you, oh, King, he will be thrown into a pit of lions 8Therefore, oh, King, command this commandment and write the writing that it shall not change in the law of Media and Persia, and it shall not change” 9Then King Darius signed the writing and commanded the commandment

10And when Daniel knew that the writing was signed against him, he opened his house and windows above, facing Jerusalem, and three times in a day he was kneeling and praying, and he gave thanks before God, just as he was doing before 11Then those men were spying and they found Daniel when he prayed and sought favor before God 12Then they approached and they were saying before the King: “King, live to eternity! Have you not decreed a decree, oh, King, and have you not appointed that every person who may request a request from any god or man for thirty days, except only from you, oh, King, he will be thrown into a pit of lions?” The King answered and said: “In truth, this is the word, according to the law of Media and Persia that does not pass away” 13Then they answered, and they were saying before the King: “Daniel, of the children of the captivity of Judea does not comply with you and with the decree that you have decreed, and three times he prays his prayer”

14Then the King, when he heard this message, it grieved him much and he set his mind to save Daniel, and until the setting of the sun he was struggling to save him 15Then those men cried out against the King and they were saying to him: “Know, oh, King, that the law for Media and for Persia is that every decree and statute that the King will confirm shall not change!”

16Then the King spoke and they brought him Daniel and they threw him into the pit of lions. The King answered and he said to Daniel: “Your God whom you serve constantly, he will deliver you!” 17And they brought one great stone and they placed it over the mouth of the pit, and the King sealed it with his ring and with the ring of his Princes, that the matter would not change with Daniel 18Then the King went to his palace and he spent the night fasting, and they brought no food before him and his sleep fled from him

19Then the King arose hastily at dawn and he went quickly to the pit of lions 20And when he came near to the pit, he called to Daniel in a loud voice. The King responded and said to Daniel: “Daniel, Servant of the Living God, was your God whom you serve constantly able to save you from the lions?” 21Then Daniel spoke with the King and said to him: “Oh, King, live to eternity! 22My God sent his Angel and he shut the mouths of the lions and they did not harm me, because a favorable verdict was found for me before him, neither have I done an offense before you, oh King!” 23Then it was very beautiful unto the King and he said to bring up Daniel from the pit, and they brought Daniel up from the pit and no harm was found on him, because he was believing in his God

24And the King said: “Bring those men who accused Daniel and cast them into the pit of lions, them and their wives and their children!” And they cast them into the pit and they did not reach the bottom of the pit and the lions prevailed over them and they broke all their bones to pieces

25Then Darius the King wrote to all the nations and peoples and languages that dwell in all the Earth: “Peace be multiplied to you!

26The law has been set from before me that in every dominion of my kingdom they shall be shaken and stand in awe before the God of Daniel, for he is The Living God, and he endures to the eternities, and his kingdom is not destroyed and his dominion is until the end

27He redeems and he delivers and he saves and he does signs and wonders in Heaven and in the Earth, for he has delivered Daniel from the lions!”

28And Daniel became great in the kingdom of Darius and in the kingdom of Kurash, the Persian

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