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wə·ḥal·lō·w·nîm — 2 Occurrences

Ezekiel 40:25
HEB: וְחַלּוֹנִ֨ים ל֤וֹ [וּלְאֵילַמֹּו
NAS: The gate and its porches had windows all
KJV: And [there were] windows in it and in the arches
INT: had windows arch all

Ezekiel 41:26
HEB: וְחַלּוֹנִ֨ים אֲטֻמ֤וֹת וְתִֽמֹרִים֙
NAS: [There were] latticed windows and palm trees
KJV: And [there were] narrow windows and palm trees
INT: windows latticed and palm

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