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ḇə·ḵa·‘as — 3 Occurrences

Psalm 31:9
HEB: לִ֥י עָשְׁשָׁ֖ה בְכַ֥עַס עֵינִ֗י נַפְשִׁ֥י
NAS: is wasted away from grief, my soul
KJV: is consumed with grief, [yea], my soul
INT: distress is wasted grief my eye my soul

Proverbs 27:3
HEB: וְנֵ֣טֶל הַח֑וֹל וְכַ֥עַס אֱ֝וִ֗יל כָּבֵ֥ד
NAS: weighty, But the provocation of a fool
KJV: but a fool's wrath [is] heavier
INT: weighty and the sand the provocation of a fool is heavier

Ecclesiastes 5:17
HEB: בַּחֹ֣שֶׁךְ יֹאכֵ֑ל וְכָעַ֥ס הַרְבֵּ֖ה וְחָלְי֥וֹ
INT: darkness eats vexation great sickness

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