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sō·w·p̄ā — 3 Occurrences

Daniel 6:26
HEB: וְשָׁלְטָנֵ֖הּ עַד־ סוֹפָֽא׃
NAS: And His dominion [will be] forever.
KJV: [shall be even] unto the end.
INT: and his dominion unto forever

Daniel 7:26
HEB: וּלְהוֹבָדָ֖ה עַד־ סוֹפָֽא׃
NAS: annihilated and destroyed forever.
KJV: and to destroy [it] unto the end.
INT: and destroyed unto forever

Daniel 7:28
HEB: עַד־ כָּ֖ה סוֹפָ֣א דִֽי־ מִלְּתָ֑א
NAS: the revelation ended. As for me, Daniel,
KJV: Hitherto [is] the end of the matter.
INT: At this ended forasmuch the revelation

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