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mar·bêq — 4 Occurrences

1 Samuel 28:24
HEB: וְלָאִשָּׁ֤ה עֵֽגֶל־ מַרְבֵּק֙ בַּבַּ֔יִת וַתְּמַהֵ֖ר
NAS: The woman had a fattened calf
KJV: And the woman had a fat calf
INT: the woman calf fattened the house quickly

Jeremiah 46:21
HEB: בְקִרְבָּהּ֙ כְּעֶגְלֵ֣י מַרְבֵּ֔ק כִּֽי־ גַם־
NAS: in her midst Are like fattened calves,
KJV: [are] in the midst of her like fatted bullocks;
INT: her midst calves fattened For even

Amos 6:4
HEB: וַעֲגָלִ֖ים מִתּ֥וֹךְ מַרְבֵּֽק׃
NAS: from the midst of the stall,
KJV: out of the midst of the stall;
INT: and calves the midst of the stall

Malachi 4:2
HEB: וּפִשְׁתֶּ֖ם כְּעֶגְלֵ֥י מַרְבֵּֽק׃
NAS: like calves from the stall.
KJV: and grow up as calves of the stall.
INT: and skip calves the stall

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