5603. saphan
Strong's Concordance
saphan: to cover, cover in, panel
Original Word: סָפַן
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: saphan
Phonetic Spelling: (saw-fan')
Definition: to cover, cover in, panel
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to cover, cover in, panel
NASB Translation
covered (1), paneled (3), paneling (1), reserved (1), treasures (1).

[סָפַן, once, erroneous, ׳שׂ]

verb cover, cover in, panel (Late Hebrew סָפַן is respect, care for; Phoenician מספנת roof, Lzb330; Aramaic סְפַן Ithpe`el be covered, overlaid; Assyrian sapânu (sometimes šapânu!), cover, over-whelm Dl508; sapannu, concealment, obscurity, depth (of sea); Ethiopic invalescere, percrebescere, praevalere, Di406); —

Qal Imperfect3masculine singular וַיִּסְמֹּן אֶתהַֿבַּיִת גֵּבִים 1 Kings 6:9 and he covered in the house with beams (?); Infinitive absolute סָפוֺן בָּאָ֑רֶז Jeremiah 22:14 (reading with JDMich Hi Gf Or Gie Co, חַלּוֺנָיו סָפוֺן, for ᵑ0 חַלּוֺנַי וְסָפוּן, compare DrSm xxx) covering (it) in, panelling (it) with cedar; Passive participle סָפוּן בְּאֶרֶז 1 Kings 7:7, סָפֻן בְּאֶרֶז 1 Kings 7:3; plural בְּבָֽתֵּיכֶם סְפוּנִים Haggai 1:14 in your panelled houses.סָפוּן strangely = reserved, laid up, Deuteronomy 33:21, and = hidden Deuteronomy 33:19 שְׂפֻנֵי טְמֻנֵי חוֺל (only here with שׂ; both in sense of צָפוּן [read this ?], compare Dr).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
cieled, cover, seated

A primitive root; to hide by covering; specifically, to roof (passive participle as noun, a roof) or wainscot; figuratively, to reserve -- cieled, cover, seated.

Forms and Transliterations
וְסָפ֣וּן וְסָפֻ֣ן וַיִּסְפֹּ֤ן ויספן וספון וספן סְפוּנִ֑ים סָפ֑וּן ספון ספונים sā·p̄ūn saFun sāp̄ūn sə·p̄ū·nîm sefuNim səp̄ūnîm vaiyisPon vesaFun way·yis·pōn wayyispōn wə·sā·p̄un wə·sā·p̄ūn wəsāp̄un wəsāp̄ūn
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Englishman's Concordance
Deuteronomy 33:21
HEB: חֶלְקַ֥ת מְחֹקֵ֖ק סָפ֑וּן וַיֵּתֵא֙ רָ֣אשֵׁי
NAS: portion was reserved; And he came
KJV: of the lawgiver, [was he] seated; and he came
INT: portion the ruler's was reserved came the leaders

1 Kings 6:9
HEB: הַבַּ֖יִת וַיְכַלֵּ֑הוּ וַיִּסְפֹּ֤ן אֶת־ הַבַּ֙יִת֙
NAS: and finished it; and he covered the house
KJV: and finished it; and covered the house
INT: the house and finished covered the house beams

1 Kings 7:3
HEB: וְסָפֻ֣ן בָּאֶ֗רֶז מִמַּ֙עַל֙
NAS: It was paneled with cedar above
KJV: And [it was] covered with cedar above
INT: and covered cedar above

1 Kings 7:7
HEB: הַמִּשְׁפָּ֖ט עָשָׂ֑ה וְסָפ֣וּן בָּאֶ֔רֶז מֵהַקַּרְקַ֖ע
NAS: of judgment, and it was paneled with cedar
KJV: of judgment: and [it was] covered with cedar
INT: of judgment made paneled cedar floor

Jeremiah 22:14
HEB: לוֹ֙ חַלּוֹנָ֔י וְסָפ֣וּן בָּאָ֔רֶז וּמָשׁ֖וֹחַ
NAS: out its windows, Paneling [it] with cedar
KJV: windows; and [it is] cieled with cedar,
INT: and cut windows Paneling cedar and painting

Haggai 1:4
HEB: לָשֶׁ֖בֶת בְּבָתֵּיכֶ֣ם סְפוּנִ֑ים וְהַבַּ֥יִת הַזֶּ֖ה
NAS: to dwell in your paneled houses
KJV: for you, O ye, to dwell in your cieled houses,
INT: to dwell houses your paneled house this

6 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 5603
6 Occurrences

sā·p̄ūn — 1 Occ.
sə·p̄ū·nîm — 1 Occ.
way·yis·pōn — 1 Occ.
wə·sā·p̄un — 3 Occ.

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